Why I support BSD software

© 2020 Yury Grebenkin
publushed on June 4, 2020

My aim is correctness and advance.

Even if at some point it does not play well for my being.

As far as I can see, this clashes with what GNU is.

I prefer BSD, MIT, Apache, CDDL, and other non-GPL software.

I use perfect proprietary software.

I hate separating the world the way GPL does.

GPL is typical to mock something already existing.

BSD is good when you make a standard.

Now. Who said that BSD licensed software cannot improve while open?

There will always be software that needs to be open by nature.

There will always be software that needs to be closed by nature.

Or else:

Developers will intentionally produce software of lower quality.

Being forced to open, developers do harm to others weird ways.

Again, if you want to use open source only then there is no problem with not using closed products containing BSD licensed code.

And you can ask for a permission to make a change in a closed product and be friends and not (forced by GPL) enemies.

It is just that BSD licensed code helps them too.

Products shall have different licenses according to different purposes.

And forcing GPL is not the way it is going to work.

What’s about the name ‘GNU’?



NU… (DE…)?

With G being commonly ommitted in similar words.

And the animals…

Who they are trying to piss off by that?

And yes they succeed.

Hackery in creating a name?

Not Unix…


Is this the level of quality they want to give to others?

Linux does fix something here to the better.

But I consider Linux one big open source spyware.

Nothing bad in that.

It is just that you have to use Linux keeping that in mind.

And then you can build a safe environment on Linux too.

Dirty hacks known by some people only and without stable documentation are so common in Linux distributions.

In Linux distributions, after decades of development, there are just things that never get fixed, intentionally.

It is laughable how naturally developed technologies are not available under GPL if they are not “free”.

Such practices are not acceptible in BSD as it is intended for use as a high quality foundation and breaking something on top of it is not desired.

BSD software has contact with high quality products and the quality gets reflected back to it.