Selected Thoughts vol. 1

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

200510219999msk The G. The main thing is a purpose but not a process or tools. Don’t follow or resamble some other people. Raise your own culture. Never be in fear or in depression of something as it makes you assotiating yourself with shit you are trying to be not. Never lose your dreams. Be real with them. You must report about your fails as if you’d talking ’bout your successes. Make sure you do all things you promise yourself, i.e. beleive yourself. Love yourself. Entertain yourself. Do it by honestly interesting for you but not other shit. You must choose everything in this life. Do not allow other people or forces to choose you or to affect you in your choice. Always try to get supreme. Do not stop on easy things that life gives you for free. Pay. Don’t keep your “money” under pretending “I need no more”. If you sold yourself for a momental weekness of mind and have done a wrong thing, just bypass that without even notice. Do not be a printsipialniy kind of human! Do not have a principle ever! And that’s not a principle too. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow, whatever, listen to your healthy mind only! Do not kill yourself or speed up your death by any means. You must be able to handle and command yourself. You must be stronger than yourself. Do not waste your time and never break you stability by delema or aimless choosing towards and among your “new life” common things like name, nickname, style, etc. You are complete and have a harmony simply as you are, from your inside. For any trouble you encounter, you can only find a cause in yourself, nowhere else. As you get any message, answer it immediatly, maybe just a word. If you lose anything in your life so that can’t get it back or don’t want to bother yourself by getting it back, do not pay any attantion to that losing. Life’s going forward. Do not obsess yourself with mania to “clean up” anything to ideal. Do not worry about leaving too many forgotten places of your activity on Internet and such.

200710099999msk The way to freedom: 1. Live your real life. It’s getting much more interesting when you do it. 2. Don’t be afraid of everything. If you catch yourself thinking that you never feel fear then you are afraid of everything. Get this all fear out of yourself as you get to the air from down a waterfall. 3. There is no such words as “It’s too late” or “I’m running out of time” or “I have no time” or “I have not enough time” or “I am usually so much busy I have no time for a little joy in my life”. 4. Do right things. When you catch yourself doing bad things do not ever worry about it. You are not in jail and you have not to be imprisoned by yourself. Instead, do right things. 5. Don’t be printsipialniy. Don’t be printsipialniy being non-printsipialniy. Use your common sense.

200710149999msk When you are in doubt or uncertain in something, can’t understand and make a good decision or assumption. Just forget about it. Do what you know have to be done and is clear for you. When you’ll be done you will have more space to make better sense of situation and freedom to act.

200711019999msk Do not restrict yourself. Instead, open more ways for yourself.

200803232245msk By pen. Anything in this life hurts you in one or another way.

200803240707msk By pen. There is no women and men. There is just people. Strong people and weak. Strong people …… both sexes.

200804259999msk Love ends where considering of faithfulnes begins.

200805220253msk 1. No rules, no printsipov 2. Never stop hard sport! Tear it all off. 3. Not to stop using one thing over another. 4. Never become depending on somebody. Do your own things. Nevermind what they promise to you. 5. Live like you play a fun game… 6. For human interfaces it’s better to be human friendly, positive, light, neutral and not boring. 7. Solid and strong. (Single, not distorted to peases) 8. When you like your name and your own identification then you do not bother about how clean is installation on you tablet! 9. Well my name suggests me to solve problems easily! 10?. Focused on myself??? My prefferences?? 11. Name something and it will frighten you. Thus if you trust in your name everybody around are under your power.

200809109999msk There is one absolute truth and everything is many paths to reach it.

200810089999msk By pen. No date. Don’t follow anything but freedom.

200810219999msk Don’t be afraid to loose anything.

200810219999msk The art of life is to make trashy bad current situations into genuinely profitable and noble and smart etc.!

200810229999msk It’s you who controls. Not that you under control.

200901032219msk Only freedom can let a person demonstrate full talents and outcome. Freedom is main key and reason to opensource possible success.

200901040018msk Discover your talents to cover your gaps and get it all and above — don’t limit yourself.

200901040020msk You have so much gift others don’t but you waste it by not understanding simple things others do and then finally you get it.

200901120412msk POLICY FIRST. Don’t stick to a technology and do not love any particular code. POLITICS, DIRECTIONS, PURPOSES ARE THE ONLY THAT MATTERS. First stated here.

200901150056msk Freedom is the only that matters. Anything else is secondary and can be obtained through freedom.

200901170319msk Everything is temporary. Do not create eternal things as there are no such things.

200901170851msk Is development a positive freedom or maybe its successor.

200901179999msk Freedom is first, but given freedom — develop period.

200901260029msk If you’d even open eyes of most of people they will reject to open them. It’s not about showing something to people it must be inside of them first. 1. Be free as in freedom. Use your freedom with care. 2. Be a werewolf. I.e. take many forms. 3. Be lazy. Laziness is a paradox interesting thing that does miracles. If you are born to create, work and develop you’ll do it anyway. But smarter way is to do it being lazy. If you are not born to c,w,d then you will not c,w,d if even do not sleep at all. Ok too much on this, probably shit but one thing is true: if you are not sick then laziness does miracles. 4. Life is above everything and must be orginized first. 5. Do not show people who you really are and how you operate. They will not understand you (anyway) or they will use this information to use you. Let them to get you as they see you. Keep under control what they think about you. Be careful in exposing some of your personality in public identities like social network nicknames. Use something general and neutral. 6. _Everything_ put to internet is there forever. Be careful. Do not hide as it is impossible. Just do not do that needs hiding. Probably: Open what needs to be opened only and is abstract (I.e. everybody does, not telling anything). And be free. 7. Do not get dependent of or too close to something or bound with. Everything is to be gone. Just be open to everything. Everything is useful. Love what you love and be open to everything. 8. Every thought even stupid one must be taken in account when decision must be made. 9. Maybe to hide some truth you just say it to a fool and fool will never be in search for it. 10. It is better to have nothing because it’s nothing to loose then and freedom, independance, speed, etc — all start here. 11. Value your time. E.g. Don’t let them use you. Even if they try to push on your morals. 12. Do not trust any human. Every promise etc. is some probability. 13. Do not give a damn. 14. Love things you love. 15. Peolpe can not control birth rates etc thus children are given to the world by force of nature thus it’s not parents’ decision after all thus thank Mother Nature or God for your birth and be yours natural way. Nobody like parents have rights to format you. Cut off everything that crosses your way thinking and deciding with emphazis on your own best and _best_ around the world. 16. Try to be good to everybody around and spread the positive around but follow your way _anyway_. 17. Blah. ) 18. Everything is useful. 19. There is no end for you to find new tricks on how to live. 20. Do not limit yourself by some rules, suggestions, theories, even like these. It’s all bulshit. 21. Read, view, hear, entertain, etc, and if you want to use something then do it or man ok for now. Ok. There are many other thought to write and obviously it’s impossible and useless to write everything. Hah.

200901271852msk Site must aim to include articles for as many types of people as possible. But not even one of articles should offend some group because this group will not return to the site never.

200901310129msk Moto: fight and freedom.

200901310425msk Rotten tomatoes are easer to sell because people hardly open their eyes to truth and prefer to be sweetly fooled.

200901312037msk Developer and hacker are independent words: user can be a hacker, developer can be a hacker. Try to understand yourself better.

200901319999msk By pen. The main thing is to understand as is but not as you incline it to be.

200901319999msk Why so much hate in me to software development.

200902010545msk When you are among beauty then chances of dilemma on how to name things etc are very low and solutions probably come easy.

200902012227msk never ever try to be like other people you just excel and there is no reason to loose it all

200902040225msk there is no matter in what you started with the only thing that matters what is better now maybe

200902040703msk first step is to became simply and cynically practical second step is to be superiory practical ie american successful

200902040712msk not too low not too high my concept maybe. It’s obvious that the lowest layers of society use and belong to everything mankind had invented. It’s also obvious that to be a bleeding edge, to live doing great things or maintaining top position is practically annoing. So it’s better to have some more money not being lowest and to use everything above. If you get above yourself you will work for a monster of being above not for yourself. Make your choice. Every kind of life is right choice. And can be easily reasoned and explained to other people.

200902042300msk my tendency to accept this world as it is because i am hurt enough is it my surrender and does it makes me the same as the rest of just fuckers all around

200902042301msk is there only two catigories of people one who want to die and bear this life because its duty and other who gonna live and live good and who uses first category probably

200902042313msk use the most advanced things that available _now_

200902042318msk do not bind your apparent inclinition towards powerful life with geeky stuff that actually can hold you from success use best things and be prominent

200902042353msk maybe it does not worth it to be what you are not. so its human nature to struggle to obtain what he/she doesn’t have. but forget about what they have. maybe the purpose of humans life is to extend abilities.

200902050037msk to be other than you like and have what you like or the law of two is that general absolute mover

200902060647msk you can be an absolute guru and being that you can run any os of your choice it does not alter your state of being absolute guru its gurus choice to run software distribution of his choice be it easy or hard to use etc

200902060812msk what does matter is hardware software tends to become same everywhere maybe maybe tendency

200902080549msk no matter where you but its who you are thats really matters has two sides one you stay in odd places other you leave any time you want to another place

200902101204msk i am deep inner world thinker but not about sci fi i like practical thinks to think deeply of thats very good for me

200902121112msk dont think of me as of programmer think of me as a man with life first

200902160137msk names do affect everything but i am stronger than any effects like that

200902160139msk and my body must reflect my way and be not affected by any names

200902160207msk no way to build healthy body by thinking of health and beauty i have to aim at force and fighting supreme to fight to bring my way on

200902160219msk well i do panic about so many profiles floating in internet

200902160224msk well maybe i figured out who i am by my actions that i feel from inside i am hacker by the most wide and sophisticated definition i am not a programmer or a network guy or some other just a particular thing

200902160229msk and if i am hacker maybe i simply better be a hacker and thats all that will give peace to my soul

200902160233msk being a hacker you are not a regular man so you have to coupe with some bad sides of it but be hacker in anything art sci etc its your way of looking at and doing great things any things you want apparently

200902160236msk being a hacker by nature you break all commonly used damn stupid traditional shit that others do so you ll almost always be misunderstood and they will try to enstupid you just fuck them all anyway you are rock strong

200902160240msk tobe even rock stronger practice strength as much as you want do not practice or think of weakness ever maybe only a second to understand what you do not want

200902160244msk perhaps i always prove to face to girls that they are unable to command me by their pussy and it gives me satisfaction and frustration to them they usually loose interest in me after it probably

200902160247msk in early years i could write a lot of abs true philosophical notes like these and now i do it sometimes but my notes are much closer to practical routine life and stupid problems these days

200902160300msk all genuine things are made by hackers who dont bother to adapt to others life etc

200902160329msk americans were breaking through walls of shit and dogmas to obtain freedom like me like i do so that is the origins of american character as some people talk that they are bad etc

200902211838msk remember there is only two things good software that you like and bad that you dont it can be said there is only one thing software can be either good or bad

200902211914msk pay more attention to your body you need it over everything else just fuck all that gets you down

200902212302msk at least you know what to do and you will do it till it gets done through failures to the end and great beginning it is you relief now great relief

200902212350msk just choose any name that does not mean something in particular and does not destinguish one from many and you will have greatest weapon that will do everything you need

200902232204msk do not say take it all easy as it is probably because easy or hard is judgement thus it is mess just be higher than that

200902232206msk still you can say take it easy because it is different sentence meaning dont bother

200902232230msk do we need to add take it easy to four of beready norgrets asitis useit maybe yes maybe not

200902240450msk even if some my registration or info is inaccurate remote dont give a damn and focus on organizing local records btw you live life that is in touch around you

200902240500msk be careful leaving traces on internet especially of your real identity but dont be too nervous or paranoid about it act as if in real life showing off your personality that will be there permanently btw mybe evbdy knws people change

200902270616msk The Way — Be ready for everything — Have no regrets — Take it all as it is — Use it to the maximum — Just win. Even if you fail to win you win anyways — Do not give a damn what they think of you — If something you use now does not suite you — use it anyway and there will be time to think it over and to change it — Don’t extend already extended — Don’t get stuck in love with something — equal importance — nothing mandatory.

200902270734msk its a pity you lost your earliest programs but you still have a little of them printed and maybe latest ones with dates on them when i understood i might need it

200903021629msk Do your own thing now. Don’t let anybody use you and drink your blood by giving you some fake feelings of being one of smth etc.

200903032033msk a name is good only if it attracts kind of girls and people i like

200903050239msk you are above it all again you are above it all

200903050241msk just choose what will support you from down

200903050302msk the less dogmas people have the more efficient faster they spend energy more dogmas less nature spending speed

200903061011msk dont struggle keep your strength for things you like use interfaces that are even unseen thats your real beauty real hackery is when you modify the least and get the most wheel your life a little all the time

200903061022msk thats what i missed all this time since my demise do the only needed to get the most wanted or do the least enjoy the most use your brain for it

200903061028msk the less you do the most you get

200903061844msk when you are poisoned by some infecting fools like your parents just listen read watch culture stuff of your way and you ll be cured soon and will obtain mood of your way

200903071856msk lets just enjoy living life how its meant to be doing everything right playing sometimes

200903081805msk be the edge be honest to yourself name everything what it really is

200903091637msk Note that to guard (ward) is the main general purpose of a man. Remember Lions. Females hunt and males act as guards, peacekeepers, as heavy tanks. So, good man should be a guarantee of peace and good mood in family and girl must be its sparkle of activity, beauty, easyness, lightness. Thats not the rule though. Though, I’m not gonna dedicate my life to jumping around to fetch more stuff for my female (as in species where female is not mobile and males are tiny and musculine.) I prefer guardian variant. Really? Maybe.

200903110138msk remember never expect something

200903122310msk maybe no matter how i ve got a thing what does matters is what it can do for me and i should sort things by what they represent regardless from where they are with exceptions or include source in their names

200903122317msk maybe to live effectively even if you are a developer you should be user 90 percent time and developer 10 percent or the like or you loose any sense or i dunno but some bad things probably can happen

200903130008msk files must be as near to root directory as possible and best subfolders number where its needed to think where to place file is two where its obvious where to place a file there maybe many folders

200903130010msk its preferably to store similar data as flat as possible like with date prefix so that they will appear all at the same moment its better to avoid datemarking for folders with undatemarked files

200903130755msk focus on goal not on quality or completenes or puriness

200903142131msk about my early genuine and complicated programs i lost we loose many things in this life that is life that way it is

200903142147msk note that in scl i held title of smart man and it was enough in unty they do not need you to be smart and harrasment your smartness till you become dumb thats why i took road of monster in unty i just lost wish to maintain smart

200903142157msk even taking road of many you were a leader and being a leader you showed too much of secrets you figured out by hard work to thrs but dont worry rember far not all birds will fly if you open cage still use it yourslef dont show much

200903142249msk never ever search or accept surrender under somebody else be yourself alone and build your own life and make rules for others do it all the way you and only you know think is right or they will do it and use you

200903150104msk prices are always as much as you can pay and have no connection with material prices

200903150105msk prices adjust depending on what society layer a product is oriented and optimized quantity plus price of each

200903150607msk women choose men carefully because its them who takes risks about children men can just go

200903170413msk Be smart. Don’t do anything from scratch again and again. Even if you make errors big or small just correct what you need on top of what you already have and go forward.

200903210019msk i exercise to be free focus on to be free not body building

200903210100msk when you use more advanced technique you are already threr so you loose many tools behind with straight tools you can do any weird and advanced you want dont hava faith in weird and advanced tools as in gods. Believe in your genius and respect straight instant “easy” things.

200903210153msk based on fact that people like men maniacally for scent and nothing there must be way to use it they maybe get stuck to men or smth though try to seem simplest to women they wanna think they manipulate you

200903210244msk its not that girls do not know they want it its boys who understand not early that girls want it anyway even irrationally

200903210253msk remember women first love men and only then they try to became women they are completely into men it is in imprinted their brains

200903210313msk Let someone be genetically unhealthy but smart. Parents say you must eat more and go out more and be in company more. He get used to do what they say and get dumb. He become another lost in society.