Selected Thoughts vol. 10

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

201107281545msk To be wiser does not mean to do less stupid things.

201107290641msk There is no past, no future, there is only now. Do not postpone something until some special moment comes. Do it all now. Even not clear way.

201107301637utc My operating system inducted double hatred in people against me: first it seems unneeded by other people demonstration from me of how I am good and second it is hard to make and everybody unconsciously doubts if they could too or not.

201108010052msk I was unable to work when father was still awake, I just have done several attempts that made things only worse and now I just will sleep until four a.m.

201108011411msk People who talk a lot are fools because people who know something will not talk freely because they know that knowledge or information can be used against them and the more they know the higher probability that it will be used against them.

201108011958msk Education is slavery of twenty first century.

201108020643msk Do not demonstrate your mind to a woman. That women like for mind rather than for “beauty” is a lie. Women like for good breeding proposals which are plain physical stuff. She will get all the information you have and make her judgement on your physical matters anyway.

201108020702msk The system is designed the way that even if somebody tries to teach truth to people he gets destroyed by those same people because they are programmed this way.

201108021238msk In real life most women are stupid and that is why men like smart women and most men are not very beautiful (do not want word handsome here) and that is why women like beautiful men. Women are commonly beautiful and men are commonly smart.

201108051154msk Maybe it is good to keep all information good or bad and then, after time, when everything will be great, say that yes it was hard and that way I was but now I am good, I have come a long path and here I was stupid but I was already struggling, and here, see, I am doing good.

201108061402msk Blindly following instincts is encouraged in people because it makes easier to rule people. Encouraging instincts that are clearly destructive is blocked by law. For people who never blindly follow instincts and always control themselves it is a stupid situation because they know that following any instinct blindly is destructive and getting a lot of encouragement to follow instincts they do not follow them anyway and law forbidding of some of instincts seems revealing to them of not honesty and can even trigger them to follow not forbidden encouraged stupid instincts that they never would follow if they never knew this revealing situation.

201108061419msk There are a lot of destructive instincts put in people during their growth of which they are not aware. These instincts are designed to keep still situation in society and stand against changes. For example, everybody gets learned that if something goes a big deal not the way you want you should act very wild, shoot guns, break something, etc. It is programmed and encouraged in people this way so that people who do not like something in political system will show up very soon by breaking something or doing something horrible and get in jail. But original intentions of such people were very good and positive and such people had only good in their mind.

201108061714msk To have friends is instinct too that leads you to wrong people.

201108061716msk In case your country does not want to log your messages and connections it makes other countries that log you to know more about citizens of your country than your country itself does and that forces your country to log everything too.

201108090919utc 1 No instincts 2 Sharpness of mind 3 Knowledge 4 Life is a road to death 5 Cleanliness is superior over being deathly tricked 6 Do no more than needs to be done.

201108091348utc I have already shut everything down and laying on the bed to sleep. I control myself. I am to choose only the best in this life because time is limited.

201108091452utc All things related to relationships between men and women induce sparks in men to compete and hatred against each other so in professional environment it is not desired. Nothing is more pleasurable than to feel that you are stupid and that you can afford it.

201108111523utc Never say something that people due to their inner borders are unable to hear because it will make them think unexpected way, they will not understand you, you will seem an alien to them.

201108111527utc Distinguishing between truth and false is a very thin long time process in brain that demands a great silence. That is why IT people tend to live in peaceful places where silence is a value. Nowadays, most of people live in a false world created by other smarter people who live in a more real world.

201108120906utc I am feeling happy now so I will not do anything today except feeling happy.

201108130348utc Our ability to detach from what we were is the key to success.

201108130603utc To teach people on how to survive in ongoing age of total information control. I will teach children what many of us were not taught when it was needed: safe use of networks.

201108150932utc Be everything you want NOW!

201108160939utc No matter how they beat me in this life, with harmful info, parents, etc, I will stay the way I want, the true pure way of high culture.

201108170509utc 1 Do not want anything 2 Be ready to die 3 Accept everything about you 4 Do not tell until asked and then tell truth 5 Do not bother 6 Be good, move to the right direction 7 Be who you want to be NOW!

201108170737utc There are two things you can be sure in: You will be given nothing, you will die.

201108170745utc You are telling me obvious for you things not understanding that the things are obvious to you because you are stupid and they not necessary true.

201108171210utc Try to follow that 1 or 0 is better than 2.

201108181121utc Trigger your good mood on not by what you have done but what a great process and aim of becoming the best you are on. And be patient.

201108181307utc There is no such thing as second chance.

201108211637utc Material that encourages or discloses or makes people used to undesired activity should be removed from the internet and that is my personal conclusion.

201108211823utc The ultimate solution is: Act NOW the right way.

201108211840utc I will do the right thing no matter what and even after no matter how low evil people will try to put me I will do the right way anyway and no matter how they program my brain after I get out of their program I will do the right way and let them see it and they will know that I am stronger than their evil, and that their attempts are all failure and they will leave me in peace and I will be good.

201108211849utc Do not let evil put you in doubts because when evil sees you doubting yourself it will try to put you deeper and deeper in doubt and overturn you as it wants to make you do harmful things or at least destroy yourself. Remember: You are bold good!!

201108211900utc For the Good to give everything!! Everything for the Good!! To exchange everything you have for a chance to do good things!!

201108240506utc Now it is truth that can be aim in my mind to gain mood and do better. For children it was candy, new toy, etc. for me it is truth now, knowing true way scripts I have made and used during this session.

201108240803utc Grown up older people usually all the time invent new ways to mislead young people and make money on them and there are a lot of older people in government so government too likes to invent new false ways for people who cannot e.g. just follow their parents. But thats OK.

201108241807utc Is it so that the weakest (someone that does not use force he has) in society is the strongest?

201108250712utc In order to start doing only the minimum you have to get out of dirt, in order to get out of dirt you have to start doing only the minimum to get out of dirt and believe that what you have done to get out of dirt is done right.

201108251429utc I am already first class. I have just act and look and live like I am. I am having a possibility of not finding an appropriate woman or being destroyed but it doesn’t matter because I am already first class and the only thing I have to do is to live first class way.

201108260121utc It is really feels to me now like praying to a God is a way of doing things. But I am aware that it can be not the best thing to do. Though it opens your true good soul to yourself at least.

201108260257utc I am once again starting to understand how tremendously important it is to have free software to not allow the situation that all software gets controlled by a few, because software is a weapon, a tool without which it is hard to fight for truth, for freedom.

201108260304utc Theories that people are controlled by a few as some coordinated organizations are made of nothing intentionally to absorb attention and seem absurd. The reality is the world is controlled by obviously significantly smaller group of people than all people of the world together, but that is not coordinated but rather natural process. And those few people do actually do harm to masses to make them slaves this way. When some spark of enlightenment for all arises it gets removed and/or destroyed.

201108260608utc If I was born into this world being in a low level of society and with high probability of being misled because of that and still I was born with strength and passion then what should I expect? It is just how things are.

201108260652utc It obviously would be better to build a fortress where noone can reach you but in modern times these kinds of activities are hardly allowed, openness of society is slavery of our times. As opposed to opennes of tools such as open source software that must be open to be of any use including building fortresses without trojans.

201108261743utc No matter how smart and strong you get you have to remember to use your mind and strength for people and hold an eye on yourself so that you will not be misled.

201108261901utc In the United States they have a lot of enemies in their country, it feels.

201108270535utc Due to what distress was with me I have to gather strength of all universe in me.

201108270555utc In case something is found about me I do not remember about I will accept all truth because truth will guard me and everything will be great anyway because thuth is on my side.

201108270602utc Women that tall and smart etc are by nature warriors and that is why they are good partners.

201108270736utc How to stop planning and disappointment when plans obviously fail? In little things I mean.

201108270831utc Absolutes are for mathematicians and physicians, handy man oriented tools are for programmers.

201108270932utc 1. Break parents behaviour in you. 2. Truth is and will be on your side, do not hide it. 3. Comply to standards. It does not mean to be as everybody. — these are things I follow since very this moment.

201108271209utc People often forget that computers where made for programming and not for clicking and watching etc. Those who forget this get used by those who remember.

201108281843utc Techniques that work downwards in society does not work upwards.

201108281854utc I have been collecting a lot of information recent years because I could not figure out what was happening with me and was unsure in myself.

201108300206utc Despite that everything in life is recorded everyone always should have possibility to leave everything behind. Yes I was a fool, but what was the reason? I was doing school with only hope that I will get out some day, I was doing Technolog with only hope that they will not corrupt me / touch me and I will get out some day, but they twisted my personality in Technolog and I am still trying to leave it all in the past. Maybe that is what explains it all in my life. And years go by. I shall leave it all behind and stay clean until the end.

201108300248utc A human is clean by not what he have done or have not done, have said or not have said.

201108300322utc She was ugly and nonetheless I decided to help her being with her and now it appears she was lying all this time.

201108300328utc The whole company is designed to make people like me destroy journals. And that is when they start to control. And they succeed to some extent in their intervention/assault on me. And I did destroy some journals. Because we all are born empty to many questions of life until we learn. But the fight is not over. And they did try to separate my personalities or something like that. But I was strong, I managed to minimize harm, only some and not much although very interesting stuff was destroyed. Stuff/journals are going to protect you, always, and fools are those who do not understand that and they are tricked to destroy journals so that it is even easier to lie on them to destroy them if somebody will want to.

201108300712utc Now law forbids to kill with knives and guns but it does not forbid to kill psychologically and this is broadly in use these days. When people have necessary knowledge to harm others psychologically they use it.

201108300747utc The power on people is built on pressing on found psychological buttons which together with laws but not directly connected to them comprise a whole system developed during times to rule people.

201108300813utc There is no way to erase something, you can only run.

201108300819utc There is only one way to get rid of something: accept it.

201108301412utc Many people think that if something is simple as it gets explained to them then it is not needed at all. Not true.

201108301758utc It is possible to use plain text and archivate (compress) it if really needs to reduce size instead of binary optimizations.

201108310559utc Link is one of the most important words in the world if not the most important one.

201108311320utc Any sexual content disrupts control. So for maximum productive life sexual content should be removed from life.

201108311334utc Sexual pleasure is not the kind of pleasure you have to aim at.

201108311445utc Human instinct to love something is broadly used to make money by showing to people what they can love and then make money out of their love.

201109010104utc I shall not look at or draw my attention to things I do not need and not interested in and of any other matter that is not about me, because they can bring problems with them.

201109020356utc Young people tend to try to achieve success thinking that they have some special things they were born with. Those special things are actually their weaknesses that make them do what others want them to do, stupid behaviour. With ages people rely on information they get to always evolve rather than stick to inborn features.

201109020604utc People will try to make you show up on streets rather than sit at your good because this way all your faults can be seen and therefore you will be treated as a slave for more gifted people. This scheme applies to many others similar situations.

201109021049utc Daemons and saints do exist. They are just not like those shown by Hollywood or in tell tales told to you to program your brain when you was a child.

201109021120utc I was fooled in so many ways and during recent years it started to show up that I was fooled in so many ways because when I was trying to do something according to or for ideologies etc that I had I was failing. That situation put me in very hard self destructing state, I even felt how my brain punishes itself it seemed, almost physical feeling. But the point I want to say is this: the more I am fooled and/or suffering the stronger I am after suffering is over. Lets turn all bad things happened into extreme strength. The only thing to do for that turn to happen is to want it.

201109021156utc Maybe OCS people lack that “I want it this way and hence it is this way” mode of thinking. Maybe this lack is triggered when they were tricked with/relatedto what they want.

201109021444utc It does not matter what it was it only matters what it will be. At every moment.

201109021449utc It is better not to talk truth to stupid people because it will polarize both them and government against you. Since I know that these days most of people are educated to be stupid and serve I shall consider a way of life for myself in which I will do mainly two things: being highly useful for powerful people for future to secure my future, enjoy use of stupid people around me so that they were stupid enough to serve me. Being useful to powerful people may also include being capable of making more people more stupid so that powerful people get more from them.

201109021735utc You have to be sure in things that you do, you just have to become sure more easily.

201109030223utc If you do your personal best all the time you are not afraid of anything.

201109040832utc Use the most effective for you tools regardless of their branding or originating.

201109040849utc 1. Behave like a tank 2. Do only what you need to do not going anywhere or touching anything else 3. Be clear of anything, take nothing or nothing except what you really need with you.

201109041359utc Some people told me that after early twenties they only lose things in their life. I will obtain. I will live my life the way that my life will get better and better every day. Those people just admit that they are weak.

201109050440utc It does not matter if you were doing wrong right before this moment, it is time right at this moment to do right.

201109052150utc Today I have done a lot, I am very tired, I was struggling doing not optimal thing on computer and then finally have done everything much simpler way.

201109060815utc I have to learn that that things get older more broken over time and weared out is a normal process and enjoy it as I did when I was young.

201109080825utc People are eating souls of each other and the term to sell soul to e.g. devil is not superficial.

201109081234utc It is purpose of evil to make good people be afraid of truth.

201109081246utc If there will not be punishments but will be right treatment and help for people who have done wrong things then there will be much more truth in this world.

201109081250utc It is not things that have to adjust to you as advertised today it is you that have to adjust yourself to trully right things.

201109081314msk Foolishness and sex are the situation that leads to unwanted things. In societies where people are forced to be stupid there is more protection against sex.

201109081350msk Why many talented people just happen to miss widely advertised organizations for such people commonly thought of as of true places for talented people? Because those organizations are actually enforcement of power and those talented people would make too much water clean if they get there. By looking “advertisements” of how such organizations helped other talented people those talented will show up for such organizations, send information about themselves, of what they can do etc, participate in exhibitions, and only bust themselves by that in front of potential enemies.

201109081624utc Beauty enslaves you. Pay attention to usefulness.

201109081700utc You have to remember one thing: it is you who control yourself and nothing else, do not allow nothing else to control you.

201109081802utc “We do everything for children” is very profitable for people who run economy slogan because parents do everything for children drawing away focus from themselves and do any work, become agree to be abused, and children grow up without experience of hard life ready to fall to the same trap. It literally says: “We agree that we are done and no good and nothing to expect from us and we agree to be used and abused as you like, let just hope our children’s lifes will be better”. This is what religions served for. First amendment comes to my mind.

201109091706utc People often avoid being friends with you because they cannot make a slave of you, for example if you are too intelligent to follow instincts girls often use in men.

201109100635utc Never trust in good. True good is always unnoticed.

201109100736utc If something is undesirable then there must not be any thought like since I have already done something I should do this undesirable anyway.

201109100739utc Piano and sound in general is a flow of information.

201109100849utc Piano is math of music. I mean simplest perfect representation of the language that we call music these days.