Selected Thoughts vol. 11

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

201109101709utc My main sin I have to pray is unused possibilities, anyway.

201109102222msk To live right is simple. To get in deep shit and then manage to climb out of it is a way for someone who likes problems because they are there to enjoy solving them.

201109102233msk A man should like his problems, a man should love his problems.

201109102251msk It is better to look for girls where there is a lot of them and only a few guys. It is better to look for employers where there is a lot of them and only a few guys like you.

201109102255msk Big amount of good is more important than perfectly no bad.

201109110613utc In life anything bad can happen suddenly but this is good and I am going to always do good and struggle for good. I mean this what I am doing now is good. In life anything bad can happen suddenly. But this what I am doing now is good and I am going to always do good and struggle for good.

201109120939utc 1. To value this very moment so that you are ready to die right now. 2. Do not get attached to anything.

201109121127utc Be in freedom like you can die after this moment.

201109121205utc Both use/enjoy the moment the most like you can die after and feel the moment so you do not need anything else and ready to die after.

201109131218utc Flat people hold positions to make all outstanding people flat plain and narrow. That is society.

201109132129msk Because everyone wishes the best to children telling them and public that they are evil to children plays role of anathema of our time and is very heavy blast on psychological balance.

201109140747utc One have to fight with source of problems and since something is done there is no need to fix it because it is already done bad and fixing it will be ineffective anyway and will prevent from fighting with source of problem.

201109140942utc Let your brains do it for you do not do it all yourself.

201109160110utc Do not think or act rationally in this world because you are predictable this way and most people do this way and this world always finds irrationality over rationality so you take same risks anyway no matter how hard you try to be rational it only opens more irrational on top of it so do not struggle to make it logically right perhaps as they say follow your heart.

201109171558utc People are there to advance and hence their enjoyment for pleasures from games etc are there for a reason that make them stronger and more prominent species and are vital for normal development of mankind.

201109182027utc IT was not rapidly developed because it aimed to serve simple people but because it enslaves simple people and helps people in power to rule people.

201109191034msk 1. Link and distance are two main words 2. Evolve and throw away past 3. Adhere to standards 4. Have no fear because there is nothing tt is good when everything is open and stored in logs and histories. Far not all people want good to other people and it is proved by when law is used against good people and if things were hidden there would be much more opportunities to do harm.

201109192006msk Since it is not good or impossible to hide it can be useful to say a lot of randomnes or be in defence by saying a lot.

201109192100msk Most important: Even if you are not let into the best of the best do not falsely assume that the best is something else based on that. Keep going to what is the best.

201109192345msk And where do I try to find solutions to my problems? Inside myself? Inside myself is empty. Get good information. There is no you there is only world around you. Btw be proud of the world around you and not you.

201109201517utc In school they train your memory so that you will remember better who to obey and under whose thumb you will live.

201109201606msk Your knowledge is always smaller than knowledge around you so there always will be ways to identify you and there is no way to hide. Live open. Accept all your past, present and future. Do now what is right for the future and no matter what was in the past. Throw away all foolish stuff that is still hanging from childhood. Throw away all that interferes with your right way. Forget about yourself, you are too fragile anyway, live for the right.

201109201850msk There are two operatings system, one as a typewriter and another to process information. And users of the last one just happen to be smart enough to not say for what is already written years ago.

201109211319msk You talk means you obey.

201109211353msk You have to build America here in current place where you are before you can go to America, stupid.

201109211519msk All this configuration options that say you are able to configure it to be as much appropriate to you as possible are actually to make you a fool even more because best things are not like you they are objectively best.

201109241616msk Litsemernaya protection is often built on top of obviously weak and cherished by everybody.

201109251827msk Truth is always not easily percepted. To do or to struggle to be as it is supposed to be is a stupid way, it is a path prepared and expected from you by others.

201109261324msk The bigger steps you make to exit a trap of creepy people the more life prepares dirt for you at the most sensible moments so you have to be very determined.

201109261333utc I guess I should relax now and do everything right. Anyway. As simple as that.

201109281731utc The answer is to be the way I want to be now.

201109281734utc Because there is absolutely no formula to ensure the future.

201109290110msk Everything we do is imprinted forever and shows up in one or another form. There is absolutely no way to hide something from all parties. Everything has its effect on the world.

201109291904msk 1. Do not expect anything at all. 2. There is no beginning nor the end of anything whatsoever. 3. Be now as you want to be. (If you are in any kind of sorrow just wait maybe even many lives and everything will be the best.)

201109292043msk Americans like to use this trick in mass media when a lot of people are set up to speak something and this induces same assumptions in people who read this mass media.

201110011734msk Everything interconnected means nobody is able to predict a thing and that means nothing is connected and a chance rules the world.

201110012124msk History, too, can be written in the style of how good our life is now and how scary it was before.

201110021133utc There is no strict precision goodness and rightness everything has faults all the time.

201110041035utc If you want to be a great man then just be a great man and that means no place for women you do not need as those stupid ones or aiming at using men and be sure that great men get the best women anyway and things you see everywhere are there to mislead you and be sure that great men get the best women anyway.

201110041100msk Use your brain to do what it was made for and not for cracking nuts or crunching math for no purpose.

201110041114utc If you are a great man then you should go only with great women and forget about all this junk everywhere and you are a great man so go for the greatest women only and they already are going for you.

201110041212utc I like women talk dirty because it shows their intelligence, freedom from brainwash, strength, creativity, wit.

201110041322utc Beware of traps that you never want but always welcome to fall. Remember, you never want those things yourself and it is they who make you question yourself.

201110050848utc Harmony first. Brains were given to people so a program can be put there to make people respond the expected way to actions of a governor. People told to focus on hiding zero information value things while letting out so much important information.

201110052016msk Never go against yourself. Never overturn yourself. It will shutdown source of doubt.

201110052148msk I was born to be the best and to die the best.

201110071300msk You should choose such a woman that you will not regret to die now knowing that you have chosen her.

201110071820msk 1. Do not leave marks of uncertainty. 2. You do it only once or you start to repeat it, there is no other option.

201110071838msk 3. Rule by making smallest possible adjustments.

201110071920msk There always will be strong and smart females and weak and stupid simple not experienced females, and the first will always live better than the last, so there is only reason to be with the first.

201110091028utc I am strong and what I do is much stronger than all the creepiness around me because I do the right things.

201110111100msk The main force in my life was and should be to not be like my parents. I feel same thin physically now because I have been struck heavily.

201110112128msk 1. Be good now and always and do right thing every step, 2. Be able to change and change and prove it.

201110122148msk Life is randomness and is rich by randomness.

201110131108msk Knowing the truth but making yourself believe in false because somebody requires you to believe in false will make you mad, you will question everything you believe everytime you do something, because this way you allow yourself to be sure in unreality.

201110131331msk 1. Be relaxed, 2. Do not want anything, 3. See and believe in things as they are in reality no matter what you supposed or required to think. Do not go after girls or such and be as you like even if one minute left of the state you used to as in e.g. health, freedom, life. There are someone who wants and someone who can deny, who controls who?

201110131424msk Can be OCS caused by brain generating more validation and error correction than info itself.

201110131713msk My brain and body experienced the greatest challenges because I am aiming at the best and hardest women, men who go through this get them and die on the way.

201110141539msk University of Technolog raschepil my individuality by forcing me to believe and comply to many wrong values and people characters. In the world where nobody kills anymore it is became common to make puppets of humans and if someone jumps out of stupidity he faces full force cruelty of many ways to be led insane.

201110141546msk You should have weigted what is more important to you: your own experience and study and passion in operating systems or authority of Technolog. And choosing to obey Technolog rules while actually being superior just exactly made everybody think that Technolog is superior than you since you yourself sold yourself for it and nobody looks at that you finished it because you were appearing (and actually were) above it and now you are under it. The reality is you were superior and above Technolog and deserved to be at a different place and they had not missed the opportunity to fracture your identity since you were with them. Thanks parents and general stupidity to make me stick to false values instead of pure virtuosity. I was fighting to finish Technolog to show that I can get it all maintain my strength, authority, health, identity and still be flexible enough to get those bitches let me through, but I missed one point: public did not undertand it that way, they got it like I was actually in need of “superior” Technolog, or why would I stay there and bear it all including so much shame thought they.

201110141632msk There is no sense in looking great in front of colleguas or people. It might make sense to look useful for self protection.

201110141642utc Life takes everything away from you anyway, just do your best at any given moment in any situation, and remember you fade and lose thing all the time and that is just as things are.

201110141831utc Pure glass of water.

201110141843utc I am pure and I will be pure.

201110141934utc I am clean anyway. You know why? Because it is good to be clean.

201110141944utc Best things live objectively no matter what we think of them, so if you have found a best thing then you are done, it does not matter what situation it was, when it was, what was your mood etc.

201110142210msk You should just work the best you can in any situations because this is what actually gives you satisfaction that can beat losing things. If you lost something you will get your mood drop but then you should just do the best for some time and you will be cured. Because satisfaction comes not from not losing but from doing the best now and then it does not matter you lose or not.

201110150740utc I remember how I tried to explain this to mother I said look you tell that everybody does that to get successful so everybody thinks that this is the right way but does everybody gets successful? Are there places for everybody to be succesful? — No. — And hence if you want to lose you do like everybody does and think that their paths are right ones, so do not tell me to just do like others do.

201110151045utc There are people who just own things and my parents really think that those people are talented etc as media says.

201110160728utc You should do everything to enrich and strengthen your health every now moment and hints of truth, and not bullshit, in your head are just enough and do not bother.

201110160746utc Only results matter. Process always shitty and could be better and incomplete by its nature. Only where you got matters. Only results matter.

201110160822utc There is no such thing that since you figured out something everything will be just the best since then. There always will be things that will bring you down and damage right after you were enlightened. Process is always shitty. Only results matter that you produce on the way.

201110160951utc Fill your brain and life with the best and most effective stuff and just let go everything else easily.

201110161309utc I accept that I was born ugly sick weak and if it needs to kill me I agree.

201110161506msk Everything is so garbage like in life, nothing can be kept and random things get lost, and the only one being of completeness is you yourself or the world as the whole.

201110161840msk Life provides so much for you, so you shall never raise your voice or behave nervous even at a fatal situation.

201110161903msk Freedom it is when you can publicly acknowledge your errors.

201110161912msk If something happened there is no sense to make it seem that it has not happened including even to yourself because it fractures you too and turns you out of reality, because it has happened anyway, so what is the point to pretend, everything can become not true this way. The truth must be dug out to the light! As things are!

201110161942msk In Technolog they all hated that I could easily float and acknowledge everything I have done and they would do anything to tear me from that state.

201110170216msk So I start waking up at 2 today and now.

201110170544msk Having no interest in something is more important than controlling.

201110170820msk In our time people masses get educated the way that they always bring down any genius that arises and that serves as a ropes for slaves.

201110171422msk The slavery of 21st century is nobody will let you know information you need.

201110171508msk There is an area where quality programs are more important than information — beyond networks.

201110181208msk Maybe lets live The more randomness the better! No wake up at the same time and such. No trying or bothering about it. The more brain gets unexpected the more it throws away automatic shit and develops itself to act in a broader scope of situations.

201110181459msk I see first snow this year today now. It is puffy chunks. It becomes water on earth.

201110181516msk 1. Unite yourself, 2. Go for randomness, 3. Simple fast over like it should be.

201110181627msk There are so much things around us that do not tell you the truth but when you get to know the truth somehow you start to understand why these things are there and who likes them and that they are connected to truth and you start to like them.

201110181639msk Everything about me is always outdated and low quality and this is how things naturally are, but it makes sense to surround myself with new things of the best quality like highest resolution videos etc.

201110181746msk To ask for help or not to ask for help — that is the question. Because if you do not ask for help people get too brave they do not get punished when they harm you and oppress you further and further. And if you ask for help will it affect your freedom?

201110182049msk The main thing is to do what you need to get better and most people waste their efforts somewhere else doing very stupid useless creepy sticky moves in their lives all the time.

201110190025msk The task of purging harmful information from head is much more difficult than obtaining new information.

201110191102msk Sometimes a man wants to sleep all day not because he is tired but because he wants to escape to virtual world.

201110191820msk Watch information free stuff to save your brain clean.

201110191848msk There is no end no beginning, you will go through everything anyway. Do not want anything, wanting makes much closer to what you do not want.

201110191917msk 1 There is no end no beginning 2 Do not want 3 Be now 4 Gather yourself into one 5 Randomness 6 Simple and fast. Now it is 1919msk.

201110221722msk Idea just came to my mind when I was thinking that simple people are not given strong door locks etc.: People are bred like scot, like cows.

201110230707msk Americans let people drown in their own traditions so that they stay stupid and separated.

201110232357msk Society is tuned to make you: brainwashed and replaced your healthy info with what they need in school, same in university, break your personality, smoke, drink, hard to get to truth, brainwashed with TV, weak physically, work to blood for your children, be afraid of women and children, leave a lot of information, do stupid things so that it can later use it against you, watch and follow stupid things on TV.

201110241215msk To overturn brainwash in me and to do what I want. That is my purpose.