Selected Thoughts vol. 2

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

200903210717msk no reason to dig your life the early the better the early was infancy look what most influenced your life positively ie put you into right way and remember absoltely everything less or more shapes you

200903210726msk be flexible shape yourself how you want using what you already have

200903232100msk By pen. Just love what you are. (Just love what you love?)

200903240133msk you never loose something you have all you ever did and getting better and only you know it it is indeed your power use it

200903240235msk By pen. Since everything hurts you then the only precious in this life is you! Live for you! Only! All you’ve gone through and hurt yourself was just to understand it.

200903251548msk 1 never learn what you know 2 never build a plane that will never fly 3 use the or function not the and function in life

200903270429msk legal english language is so different of that of simple people that it makes even easer to fool ninety person of people making it good electorat

200903270623msk when you encounter a jerk that got you down never make great efforts to prove that you are better than heshe you are better and use you skills in the right dirsction rather

200904040518msk smart people do everything optimised in the gold middles and the rest of people stick to extremes and get cheated and sucked by money all the time smart ones intend rest to do so and be blind for smart to use rest

200904059999msk By pen. Do not do or plan nothing for while life ever. It will hold you down.

200904060401msk If before recent times I was a trash and was learning what to love and how to love then now I must choose what to be and be it.

200904060401msk Remember that Irish girl who entered gas station when I was a cashier there and she like tryed to like say something to me like to start relationship but her girl friend said like not now and they just went off not buying a thing probably. And remember that Belarussian girl in the bus who looked to me like Irish and then was sitting just next to me and I noticed they talked Russian with her girl friend.

200904110258msk Classic name plus classic surname shows conformism and plainness. Too common names are too big chance it will be a namesakes all around collisions etc. Too uncommon, rare, foreign are bad as shows an alien.

200904112047msk never limit yourself conciously or unconciously based on your origins they will not put you down if you do not do it yourself

200904141401msk american culture is culture of big thinking and total dont give a damn or dont bother

200904141500msk maybe i get my way through many troubles so well because when i was a kid i imagined in my night dreams so much of stressful situations out of which i had to escape all alone using my wit was it because of fears of out or non friends

200904141927msk every new tool a programmer meets as a potential great help but a student as a curse and last one feeling can spread among student society thus university is a bad idea for programmers or rather for mix of programmers and jerks

200904142015msk dont let ancient things get control on you and use programs you like regardless of what tools it is made

200904142207msk complexity is needed only when complexity is needed do not grow wires from computer

200904160119msk By pen. Life is much.

200904181747msk do only what you need to do no extra accounts

200904221233msk since i cannot categorize my data hierarchically i will name on timely basis in one big pool tagging and i start to do so today

200904221437msk to be free you have to choose minimum that you need first do this way since now

200904261845msk they make me feel like ashamed of that i can more than they that i am going abroad fuck them make you even stronger feel you strength now

200904292135msk the smartest man is watcher

200904292217msk world is endless and endlessly beautiful and will give you anuything just focus on who you are

200904292307msk you only can be with great people by doing great things with talented girls too

200904301754msk everything is meant to be great regardless those bastards in universities dont get outraged in smth because of those university fools rule your life yourself for yourself

200904302050msk my problem that is questianable to turn to the right way i was born with bad body no matter what i do and they put me in the wrong way so many times will i have to live with this curse

200905021753msk with no exception everything tries to move you off your way do not listen just go your own

200905021802msk no one will ever know your true power

200905031902msk when you go and they say that you do not popular things just go where they do your things and you ll be above their stupid popular garbage and you ll use them all and you ll be more successful

200905050004msk and i have to train myself everything that does save me train to the maximum so everything that i lost and cannot return like some skeleton muscles figure life time must be substituted so that i will save things i love

200905061625msk the less and the better my new and very original means of life

200905070349msk it is not the end of the world

200905100327msk do anything you ever want but dont do cheap pseudo cool things that others do because it always comes that they are fools

200905130422msk rule number one dont be with stupid people and run from people who put you in wrong direction

200905132302msk the best programmer is a lazy user at first who use what is best available before he writes a line of code and he writes the minimum needed

200905141254msk lets remove unused progs

200905191815msk one cure for just normal living dont give a damn and everyone will feel better

200905221545msk i always get what i want when i dont want it anymore ie too late because they give me this permission when they want lets change it and just get what i want when i want it

200905241130msk there is always the third way eg to think about something

200905241131msk dont hypercompensate

200905271635msk do only what you need and only then look carefully around

200905271653msk to say too much is not good remember

200905290112msk dont touch me and i will figure out the right way for me

200905290325msk where more possibilities for good there more possibilities for bad as well equally

200905300234msk people like me originally help people around and thus get their success then they go to universities and get angry and stop helping people around because they got angry and their success fades away — beware

200906010136msk there are three kinds of info first is entertainment pleasure and easy second is a lot of noice that called to be science third one is true profitable knowledge that is hidden and hard to get

200906020304msk there is nothing harder for me than to choose something for standard when all variations seem to be equally good

200906050454msk show everything you dont want to hide and hide everything else thats the best way thats what i gonna do now and already doing

200906050558msk there are things that is no reason to hide even better people see them but still these things must be kept safer than others

200906060058msk everything worthy should be kept on computer with copies out of computer everything ok to lose should be kept out of computer

200906070452msk networks will always be open sourse because there is big chance to steal something and security thus opennes is a big concern

200906081002msk its better not to watch what they show you its better to search for what you want yourself tv hurts probably maybe

200906140632msk free of labels and fame

200906151520msk there are only two things in this life or world ones that work and ones that dont work

200906151643msk remember you can change anything and everything any time but no need to change something if it works

200906151646msk just say it works for me

200906151659msk opersting system either obey or kill and act like burocracy applications rule the world commanding everywhere

200906190359msk people act by brain not body thus its much more important what they are mentally rather than attractive maybe but maybe the whole body theory that body as whole makes decisions

200906241836msk gothic music eliminates fear and fearless people are unstoppable they arent afraid to lose they go forward

200906301902msk everythig is already done for you in this world to enjoy just use it the right way and do minimal possible easy and interesting efforts

200906302009msk there is no sense to create great things like world or operating systems because world is built by itself no matter live you in it or not

200907031057msk mutual attraction of opposite sexes is not because they want serve the opposite ones it is because women want to be women and men want to be men

200907032313msk you can love something already done or you can create something for others to love

200907050259msk 1. Our body is our hardware — we cannot change it — no reason to try 2. Our mind is our software — we can change it a lot — and make it the way we want most of all 3. Whether we will change our mind to its best or not depends on luck and what we already have had when were born.

200907050905msk Amount of searches divided by amount of sites returned — maximum and ad there for money.

200907301809msk 1. I hate myself and every source that made me the way I am because of them. 2. If my body and not only body is bad by birth I will never do a success in anything. It’s wrong to think that if body is bad then mind is good. Everybody has their level they can reach from their birth. 3. Everything is luck and lottery in this life. 4. No reason to prove to anybody that you are successful and work for it. Often this is the force that makes us do a lot of work. If only we’d use all these abilities and efforts not to prove something but to the right direction.

200908030733msk use the most of existing things dont create because you will die sooner and they will use it without you

200908060853msk i am frustrated of most of programming languages because they are ugly cleanliness and absence of odd constructions perhaps i mean uniformity is key for me. 1. leave all words to user, no keywords 2. punctuation only in language 3. only one construct for flow control 4. only one way to define everything 5. everything lovercase is a bullshit 6. no params to methods like (1,8,9.9). set everything in classes using attributes and then call method 7. definitions and implementation are made in separate blocks 8. no numeric in identifiers 9. all variables conain objects. object value itself cannot be used. method must be used everywhere. 10. only one base type: array of bytes – that cannot be used not by methods that know how to handle the bytes. All objects have only two methods set and get? All classes have only four methods SetVal, GetVal, Create, Destroy SetVal receives a pointer to data copy from GetVal returns a pointer of internal data Create reserves memory Destroy frees memory All four methods can be overloaded. Stop here. Maybe only two have to and Create/Destroy manages memory automatically. Then Var.Method is actually getting value of object Method agregated in object Var. Consider idea of the only loop as overloaded method that keeps looping until object destroyed.

200908060936msk programming is the art of nesovershenstvo

200908061056msk art of nesovershenstvo thus it is the art of using existing crap

200908061153msk since you have no abilities or resources to change this life to the better just use the best it can offer to you

200908061159msk hey you stop this ideology and dogma in you that everything must be very clean languages in programming remember no dogmas just use it as it is and have fun in this life

200908061221msk from above it is very slick when you look at notebook from inside it is written in ugly programming languages and is ugly but that is the way we want it because if we do something we will ask ourselves why we did it when it was already so good.

200908061257msk you love when you love ceaveats or disadvantages or unperfecty

200908061316msk enjoy by what you ve got or still have or have not lost

200908061323msk like girls not programming languages hehe they are for you to like them programming languages are for you to program

200908070516msk it seems that anarchy systems that do not have core idea and not thouroughly follow one single strong idea win

200908131742msk love is probably all kind of a feeling that rules mankind to the right direction of its development including magnetism to the right women help to others etc it is triggered unconciously and aimed to survive and advance spieces. I cracked the word and meaning of LOVE. LOVE directs the whole world to the best for it. Its nature is a complicated bunch of regulators in human beings for example. LOVE is applied very different in a very broad diversity of situations but its vector always point to the long term right direction for the whole life or species. Even in very egoistic and stupid situations there are places where LOVE is applied and these situations finally influence positively. E.g. very rich people seem to hurt by stealing girls etc. but actually LOVE trigger them (in combination with other population) to positively influence mankind as the whole. Etc. LOVE rules the world. It forms single organism of all people. People feel good when they experience high volumes or flows of LOVE of any direction. Maybe Sexy looks are subdivision of love. Maybe when a man watches a sexy for him woman he emits LOVE. Maybe a sexy woman from a picture transmit something to a watching man too.

200908131933msk dont bother doing things yourself give ideas and make others do stuff for you and others

200908132007msk i have always been living making love a big priority and most of others around just competed with each other ironiously so much competition was put on myself

200908999999msk By pen. In life. They just too stupid to understand that I conduct myself as very simple one when I am with them while I am very complicated in reality, and they always try to prove themselves that I am stupid. Well let’s just avoid it. They think they are smart. But they are stupid. They have to grow up.

200909030803msk The world is very complicated. Everything we see is a result of randomness.

200909030807msk No reason to struggle for perfect things.

200909101102msk 1. There cannot be any ideal. No reason to strive to make an ideal thing. 2. My path is to independence 3. Do not kill, just force them to be under you.

200909241620msk everybody is working to make you serve them thats an axiome and a fact

200909241910msk there cannot be any crisis in economy everything always goes as needed by people no worry ever about it more people more product for them less people less product and so on

200909241948msk actually there is no point to be successful and healthy thats all stupid pop culture that forces people to serve btw some buy cigs giving money some serve anyway just be happy

200909272130msk when we sleep we kinda charge our creativity battary

200909280040msk remember how in very early days when child you were looking how your family was constructing some cartoon game with glue like cosmic rocket with cosmonauts

200909280256msk if i will do my best all the time i will never regret and will never call myself a loser this is the only my way

200909281354msk i always felt good with programming because computer is very strict it will do everything right always

200909281716msk i lost my programs but i have the whole world to explore maybe this was that made me not too mad at the moment of 1g hdd death. Since then it was so much garbage in my world/life that I started to believe in myself only and thus losing my progs started to seem very very bad to my soul. It hurts. But maybe my brains then were like the whole world was waiting and lets roll back to those brains and go the right way. Liuboznatelnye osobi are likely to survive better in this world.

200909282202msk body is one big fault in human it dies it can be too bad it is odd etc. There is a possibility that the same life can be found in another types of bodies producing completely different poo 🙂 out of their asses and constructed not from hydrocarbonates etc.

200909282230msk nobody ever invents operating systems they are growing as whole worlds stihiyno which people are around what code thats what important

200909290403msk you originally was doing professional programs any possible ways and then you shifted to paying to much attention to programming techniques and simplier programs after hdd dead

200909290638msk there is no reason to be number one because it is only in this group you number one and in this particular circumstances

200909291845msk programming made you and programming ruined you i am talking about my early genuine programs loss and madness about it viva la programming its very powerful thing over me. Thus maybe lets free myslef from it because world is not programming only by far. Maybe it even happened when my early files gone. Let’s not invent problams I do not have.