Selected Thoughts vol. 3

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

200909291856msk the amount you hurt yourself will not pay you back be something better than those poeple have that do not do bad to them you will just die because of your injures done by yourself to you

200909291858msk hell with all this hype about programming your programs were useless anyway you ll be judged by how you WILL work you just have to land on good working place get good job that will not hurt you

200909291913msk the cruelest thing of university is that it blocks you from making greater future normal human always think for future forgetting past and moving forward university makes you out of this and you tend to stuck

200909300015msk you have to learn to give gift to nonexistence

200909300145msk you only have to keep things that are appropriate for your current level and help you around you no need to keep everything dont regret when you loose something that of not significant help now

200909300258msk i must be the way that she will be pleased that she cares for me because women are setup to care for men just look worthy and accaptable to care for

200909301842msk you must focus on your cuttings edge and forgive life for losing or messing everything else because everything else always become crap very soon by itself and you grow better too

200909302229msk loss of programs was starting of my life in internet era

200909302233msk you was so confident in yourself back then before university and all and you was aiming at such a high levels and you was high levels that you even considered girls too low for yourself. And when university began it forced you to feel very low and very bad so that even relationships with girls seemed acceptable and desired. If you were on your throne like before any courses or university you’d never wasted so much time and nerves on girls. I need girls when I am too down in my life to do more serious things. I need to aim at very high purposes again.

200909302355msk there is always a chance to be better and people who become better after worse state always get greatest respect possible so improve everything

200910010157msk if you lost you time to improve your health and cannot get it back any more in your life it is because you were weak physically and mentally and allowed people around you to put you down

200910022252msk synthetic speedups are evil that make you a slave and make you serve do not speed up yourself or including because of fear

200910022307msk does somebody to be always trully happy just have to do exactly what he meant to do and be where he meant to be by nature like to be perfectly set up and no need to do something else

200910022340msk anything that wants you to do something or forces you to do something saying that otherwise you are loser or something like that is evil again that anyithing is evil. Because if you can live not doing that shit they want you to do then you are more genuine than them.

200910030007msk i always tend to try to share my pride with others when i get it often it comes out to hurt me

200910030214msk you were or are sick yury because life was killing you it is not you that is so bad it is life that was killing you too much against you thus you will get a lot i mean everything will be alright you do good

200910030219msk it is not you that you are too sick now it was very hard life and since you survived you are stronger than that and you doing very well showing your strength no matter how much you lose you still win while others resign

200910030247msk let your programs live their own lives collecting their data and wasting around dont clean everything all the time when its unneeded

200910030258msk i remember i was focusing on the beach at summer and kinda pleasure a lot while programming early programs do i need it no answer i have now

200910030411msk well i was hurt by life so much that i deserve it all i mean i should be happy

200910030447msk when somebody learns second language he changes his brain to think in templates rather than words and all other languages can be learnt much faster

200910030506msk i unconciously needed to destabilize myself and out of the chaos in my soul to find the brand new way because new ways do not get out of existing stable ways

200910030546msk hey yury you are in this world hooray why to live it standard boring way use your time break stereotypes breakthrough your way forget about everybody

200910030636msk never think that you will die soon

200910040131msk dont ever give a damn to any exterior influence on you or what they say they know that you can be influencced by it so dont do it

200910040215msk there is something that we cannot do or return enjoy your life discover new and better

200910040339msk to be normal means to be in between not stable and not effective thus lets be full zero nothing worsest possible loser of health and everything irrevocably dont care and go forward

200910040422msk being complete nill try to be great for girl want to care for you

200910040430msk think of yourself as of something endlessly little and imperfect because everything around you is endlessly better simply by whole mass

200910042107msk to be free means to do whats most important at the moment

200910042139msk since i use best software and have no stereotypes i also have to be best myself and then everything will be great and i will be sure in myself

200910050555msk doing what you really have to do or what you really want to do first means to be free

200910060232msk the answer to my questions is easy this world is cruel where everybody fights against you

200910060239msk you have talents or you are entrepreneur

200910060713msk let me love what i love and i ll be happy thats all i need thus be among people you like dont go to people that differ and everything will be the best possible way

200910070330msk you have to make damn computers and hi tech work for you not kill you

200910070353msk you dont have to do everything right in life just keep on bleeding edge

200910070404msk there is some sense in living life being hurt and looking a little physically destroyed

200910070406msk men unconciously test how strong their organisms are in youth when hurting themselves a lot and then they live good normal life

200910070455msk i lived for programming

200910080628msk i am free

200910080715msk never have more information than you can handle

200910081015msk no matter have much more capacity your media storage has clean your life and occupy it with best things only if you are neutral or unsure about a thing keep it till it bothers you enough to delete it

200910081040msk in the future everything will be even cooler than now dont stick to now and past clean

200910081041msk everything i really need and that survived to this moment i am putting together in big dirs where its hard and stupid to categorize

200910081139msk alien item must always be easy recognizable in a directory

200910081158msk only the best keep only the best my new life starts today

200910081246msk everything is float nothing is complete everything becomes better or worse every moment every moment is precious live current moment dont try to save it forever

200910091908msk when you slept well and enough any work is of joy any work

200910092224msk mankind society nature is by nature tuned to bring down people who gets higher than others

200910092307msk a robot to find absolute good and bad maybe

200910100002msk your key is not to do like others do ie foolish fooling adverticements with marketing foolishments do simple and not annoying ads of yourself

200910100024msk to be a good man i need only one little and simple requirenment i need to be sure about my aim and go forward to get it and to be sure that i will get it no matter what i do not treat loss as an option at all

200910100033msk i will die if i will not do and hold the place i was ment to thus i was born to die if i am not ment to hold those places not how we say i am here be it now every moment

200910100915msk i was always highly structuring my data and recently i understood that this was stupid hard to search easy to forget pile of folders and now i am continuing to flatten and unite files of similar type together in big heaps

200910101047msk living nowdays we have to live in constant lies around us

200910101112msk Everything we see and percept converts to frequences which then recieved by some units in brain that meet them in sync and they start synthesize their own assaciated frequency which is then transmitted to other units and back and etc and etc. Then one (or some) unit is chosen and it is considered as main and process goes on.

200910101250msk becoming smarter is my task so its ok that i nearly dead because of stupid life quirks this is the process this is my hobby hmm

200910101301msk the trick is that programmers probably dont need a thing except being near a computer and feeling the machine and the less a programmer has the freeer he feels and does more and better

200910101307msk free brain with solid consolidated non abusive aim inside is a guarantee of overall health. BTW Universities (at least Technolog) destroy/hurt exactly this genuine state of mind to ruins.

200910101313msk the core of a programmer is that he does not need anything else

200910101333msk think of english as of your native usual language as of extension of what you already have in your head

200910101335msk probably it is success of celebrity and the way they do what they do that attracts me in them not their looks or stupidity that other people get hooked on and they also think i am like them fools

200910110526msk always remove all shit out of your stuff

200910110537msk the less and the better thats my way for now but of course freedom first no rules a lot of exceptions

200910110540msk you are human being so you must live as it is most efficient to live not collecting shit or other something like that

200910110619msk maybe the cure that maybe was already used by me at times the cure from losing my early progs is to start to care about some penguin more than about me or my programs at least nobody will lose it never

200910120606msk my feature that i remember everything easy but not exact way yury think about it does it lead to genuinity in me

200910130532msk girls think that everybody cares about others haha boys fight each other from early ears

200910130652msk there is only one way to be satisfied in this life is to grow to develop to go higher if you go down you are not alive you are dead

200910130828msk no matter who you are the matter is among which people you are to be happy no matter how beautiful you are what matters is how beautiful people you are with

200910130905msk it rarely works when you try to promote yourself by giving your resume and asking for help in employment from your collegues because they are always your opponents contact straight employers

200910130912msk when you get smarter over women and say something true about this life they try to make mess in your brain by saying i dont understand you you not normal etc when its very clear and smarter than normal. Beacuse women know that men who knows more than is needed to just serve her can be dangerous or useless to her and she being used to that men always serve women and they really should not have their independent lives women try to put men down in the very beginning of their understanding how to be above women.

200910131145msk dont bother about email address looks again you intentionally made it the dumbest possible way to hide personality thats the point not the beauty

200910131225msk if you walk very much it doesnt matter how you sleep your legs will be very straight and beautiful

200910131254msk why to make different pay plans for cellphones if every kind of service can be just plain cheapest price they are bastards

200910140808msk because of love nobody ever owe something to nobody

200910142107msk when unsure choose health even if they sue me i will win if look and act healthy

200910142347msk thin women are worried more whether they can grow up their kids alone and they want a better man while fat women are complete for children by themselves

200910151611msk dont send money where it is not needed no money at all

200910160017msk never regret nothing at all thats my weapon

200910161019msk believe your intuition and expectations

200910161020msk operate in guest mode

200910161140msk no good from me for somebody who posess me as bad because they feel that i am better than them while i am good

200910161222msk everyone can be very smart inside his own sandbox to broaden the sandbox is the main task

200910161252msk if you ll not live modern way using modern things then somebody will live instead of you

200910161326msk every our faults in life are due when we get lower than we deserve because we underestimate ourself are afraid etc because of stupid society etc

200910171312msk i am a man i am srtong if some device gets corrupted by by hands eg inserting cartridge in a printer then its its device problem of being stupid and weak if a device gets not corrupted then it is good device

200910171321msk do not breed printers or other devices live your life and do what you need for life dont give a damn about devices

200910171340msk lets not go under devices lets kill them till they malfunction and change them

200910171406msk dont bother first of all

200910171457msk never be sure that something works right

200910171522msk focus on speed and hitech saving money

200910171529msk you get speed you get everything you get quality you get nothing except quality perhaps must think about it being speedy you get new things being quality addicted you keep your past. There is no past when a child is born so it gets everything from new thus it is proven that only speed matters. Be speedy.

200910171537msk speed matters more than health beauty etc or can substitute it all including short life

200910171546msk those who dont get speedy are messing in their own mess

200910171615msk no need to check whether my life moves and resolutions follow maximum speed or other leading idea keep place for deviation

200910179999msk i should pay attantion to software hardware is always not 100 percent perfect and can be easily corrupted

200910181212msk if a girl say men do not look inside mostly and only then she is probably ugly

200910182146msk to understand what a sandbox is one must first get out of that sandbox to get a view at it