Selected Thoughts vol. 4

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

200910182147msk remember how you were thinking at sixteen maybe that when you ll be twenty something you ll be even more successful plus grownup adult than then in sixteen when you were beautiful and programmed anything you wanted

200910211856msk sometimes people who knows not very much feel more comfortable in society

200910211858msk to let everything you have easily is to be happy is it so maybe or something like that to make gifts to eternity

200910212035msk lets look at people who are beautifull and who focus on it they maybe more succesful at first but are they actually get better than smart people perhaps most of them get stuck at some moment

200910212041msk add some optimism to your eyes and you will get all girls because you already have everything else

200910230335msk allow chaos everywhere where it is possible and enjoy it be chaos use everything dont be like people who prays to order

200910230402msk Actual quesstion is to hide or not to hide. Given that it is not possible to hide in internet where everything can be tracked that or another way there is no reason to hide. Live you life and build carrier openly. Use everything you have at the moment. If something stands against your freedom or become unusable — change it to freeer one. Do not try to be perfect and then live — live now unperfect. Grow to be more perfect gradually.

200910230541msk there always will be a way of meeting someone on internet no matter how they try to close some services just use other way that is smarter than dumb breaking rules

200910231738msk it is important to remember that i love to be among some people and environment and there i can do any programming needed everybody is trying to mess this my very best way

200910231758msk sometimes it is very good to just say let it go to your past and forget everything and switch to the future only losing everything in past just saying let it go not caring about remembering something from the past etc

200910231813msk be ready to pay everything you ever had to be happy

200910231834msk even having 30percents of brain and eyes you can still be happiest person in the world maybe lets just believe my heart

200910231855msk but look it is you grown up people who made this world the way that i do not want to live in it

200910232010msk you have talent to build something when you have only a little and cleanly understandable tools around you and then you create something more complicated out of it

200910232021msk concurrention eg face to face is harmful

200910232036msk after all that happened in your life you must be even stronger and dont bother about anybody or anything

200910232047msk if i am better than others someone will choose me and not others

200910232052msk hey lets do it the other way around the more i am stupid and trashy compared to eg my studentmates or classmates the better this way i will be free and open for genuine things and they will blindly work for templates

200910232107msk dont worry about letting information about truth leak out to people you dont want to advance there is a lot of truth floating around people just cant use it properly and cant believe it physically

200910232137msk maybe time matters not result and time spent doing something will bring us further not results so doesnt matter who knows results

200910232145msk its time spent that matters not the result because result will die in eternity

200910232213msk they are probably so disappointed in me anyway that they probably reject everything that i say or put in a basket for things considered to be rejected

200910232216msk they being in group will degrade eventually anyway you just keep yourself beyond groups

200910240307msk there are many ways to track person who changes accounts anyway so it does not worth to change account if you typed something wrong just dont be paranoid say everything you want and be free

200910240325msk let everything be as unperfect and forgotten forever as it is move forward unperfectly alive and let everybody to be jelous looking at you

200910240344msk people who show happiness being with many mess around among inordinarity around with no order a little ugly to themselves with no history completenes incomplete leaving dirty traces are very attractive

200910240451msk i have a georgeous taste in this life so no need to hide

200910240547msk you dont have to be complete or perfect gradually becoming growing better and better even in mess will make you happy and secure all the time

200910240558msk stuff like text is itself a value and no matter how it is stored or how it is came to life and how beautifully it is reppresented nothing else matters leave link to yourself in any form and copyright when needed save when needed

200910240607msk by loosing a long period of life living bad we understand what is really good and how to live right and real value of good free life we d never felt if didnt live bad before

200910241512msk living not hiding will give impression that i never hide at all and i can use it when needed when trully needed to hide

200910242010msk in university they demonstrated that they can win over you by some shit and call it like youve lost but things they humilated you with have nothing in common with you so do not be confused they wanted you to be confused huh

200910250317msk there is no need in health or living if you know the truth and are in peace dont worry

200910250351msk if some annoying thought comes to mind just say to yourself that you ve paid your price

200910260242msk dont fool yourself be honest to yourself do not try to pretend like you like something you dont like and you will not be afraid of death you ll be ready to die and it will be even pleasurable to die with your truth in heart

200910280009msk take the easiest way to use your power in the right direction to the most

200910291945msk yury your true genuinity is to get right to the point of success with all your unperfectness and difficulties eg in health internet accounts etc and do it the fastest thats your new driving idea from now

200910292339msk yury you d better focus on learning law than on hiding or rightness of your accounts

200910300020msk as long as you with the right people nothing like accounts matter

200910300122msk among reasons of loserness inability to concentrate memorize control yourself to write right things the first time

200910300155msk given that you dont have roots and are horrible yourself you have only one option to breakthrough even by a price of death proof is that if you ll not breakthrough then fucking people around you will kill you anyway

200910300253msk only useful for us stuff and knowledge matters everyhting else to trash

200910310055msk by making life easer now you will make it easer all the rest of your life

200911021158msk for people totally broken by life computers give joy and relief and help them

200911040658msk for a man its to breakthroughbricks is the main purpose never a man should think of his looks or health hurt by hard work or because of without sleep a man just go and support what he thinks is worth to live for and nobody stop him

200911040740msk when opensource program gets just enough and nothing unneeded it gets stuck for a long time and thats maybe good

200911040745msk if it is true that what we like and dislike in opposite sex is recorded in us during our childhood experiences etc etc then reciprocal liking between both cannot probably be achieved for some persons chronically incompatible

200911040845msk nobody owes nothing to nobody in this world so what is the fuck if someone is ugly or stupid

200911040848msk there is a possibility for such a desease when your brain is damaged and everything is always flying around you so that you cant do nothing at all in this world so getting very high in society and everything is for healthy and the line is so thin between normal operation and losing health

200911040922msk you have to live just interestingly do not be in tail do not bother with some stupid great aims you did very well in living interestingly i think so you life is ok yury you are really cool

200911040945msk there is no such things as absolute there is only necessary things we need to do and get something better and things to enjoy they sometimes merge. E.g. no need nor possibility there is to check whether your current installation is secure very much. Just run updates with no doubts. It will surely improve your software. And enjoy looking at your system running updates smoothly and beautifully and fast and so right to look at reporting progress strings. Do easiest things that will significantly benefit you. E.g. best HowMuchIGetBetter/Cost ratio.

200911040958msk people best operate when everything lays just in piles the same with operating systems they are ok as long as kernel is good everything else its just life so dont care how dirty messed your system gets its life freedom that great

200911041024msk its pretty enough to judge by what we see or honour with when looking at outer front side because the inner side is always mess and useless no reason to make it extremely in order inside if it is already looks good. “Looks” here means many things e.g. does what have to do.

200911041135msk thus americans are focused on great future and thus dont say anything genious you know to people you dont want to advance at all and touch great people and thus care about their health and wellbeing not yours. Thus the choice of direction of application of all your might is the main choice for reaching satisfaction of doing the most and the best for something very high you want to touch and be with and live for. And no matter how high you get. And they the highest ones can’t be there without people no one knows about.

200911041702msk we learn so much of useless outdated ancient stuff in universities and actually learn to waste time not how to use it effectively

200911050535msk those who did nothing in their childhood were afraid of their future and always were thinking of earning money and taking place in this life

200911051008msk never forget that you only pretending to be dumb and plain by choosing easy email addresses with numbers etc and that you are in fact very orginized and with sense of beauty and strength

200911051146msk americans act like they know what is supreme right thing and still do what simply just works

200911051159msk piano may be not the loudest in a song but its only piano that is able to grant a song a special taste and it is the main role for piano because other instruments just not able to do that

200911060920msk by what you keep and what you delete and how you keep is defined your personality

200911060921msk there is no use in show desktop button because you should never work with too many interface windows stupid even if you need a lot of jobs then use terminal tabs but dont waste your brain with windows floating around

200911061040msk all mathematicians etc are crying because their beautiful models are outdated these days by intelligent thinking technologies with computer thinkers and decision makers and they are angry and ready to kill so beware

200911061235msk i ve got higher than needed grades for subjects i did very a little for and i ve got lower grades for some subjects i was trully the best in thus dont bother about what is written in diploma be interested in what you really did

200911061448msk computers nowdays are a lot of white snowy windows piles of left information garbage laying everywhere and sometimes you get some results out of it that are hard to keep safe and find when you want it

200911061452msk software must be from people for people because it is soft no need to optimize better to do it so that it will not frighten or hurt people and will keep their info safe and keep their mind in peace

200911081018msk regretting that you thought of being right too much and reducing your life is bad because it is tension to be very right too by wanting a complete long life and is stupid so its ok if you reduced your life at its beginning be happy of it

200911081023msk it is our body that evolutionized and thus our brain is a tool to keep it and thus we cannot do anything that will hurt us so relax everything you did you did for a reason and for you

200911081036msk in every kind of music there are many different types of people and same applicable not only to music just like what you like regardless of people

200911081150msk your brain is designed to do only good to you or as needed by some higher something because it does many things for body you are unaware of and cant affect and if that functionalty is broken you are dead. And getting you better in life, to feel life more intence, to get higher in society is a basic functionality of brain as well. So if you get broken it is just what you got from nature. Watch the movie. Movie of what your organism provides to you. Thus the shows (movies, performances etc.) are the main entertainment where you are just an observer as in real life. Thus your body gives you ability to react to external things in borders of its capabilities and your body capabilities (including brain) defines your movie together with external environment. Then there is outer environment, then there is our bodies both of the same role of giving a movie to some third level — our soul or something that watches the movie and identifies itself from everything else around as “I”. When we pass out getting laying on floor unconcious it is our basic functionality of brain like controlling our body, unconsious regulators etc. get malfunctioning. And this leads to complete stop of the movie. (Or movie never stops?!) Or on first stages of passing out it seems that no movie will be read from this body and environment where it lays anymore. Then movie can continue reading from that body or… no human knows. Maybe it will continue to read from some other body. It needs to be noted that it is our physical brain holds memory of who we are and any other observer that starts to read from the body gets everything I had including remembering of who I am and that this is me. So, the reader does not contain anything of a person. Either the reader is the atom wich only is some kind of handle that separates it as an atom of life and when transferred to other body it just lives that body life as it was always that man because everything recorded in brain or when the atom is transferred it serves as a separator only and life that distinguish me from others stays in body just with other atom of selfdestinguishing. Maybe both ways are completely the same. If you write everything and solve together maybe it will mathematically merge into one process given that kinda everything is relative to observers or something like that. Perhaps my atom makes me destinguish me from others. And others around have their atoms. Perhaps there is some other axis (X,Y,Z,Time, and now this) quantity of axises is infinity of course as of anything else in the world. Then we get my atom which can be infinate times in every XYZT read for myself in some body+environment. And this is absolutely equlivalent as if there were many many my atoms reading from different bodies. Thus my current life is a dot on L vector with all its flowing time (T) and position (X,Y,Z). But my current life can discontinue to be on that dot and I can possibly be in the same XYZT somebody else at the moment hehe. As long as everybody around can live everybody elses life by moving their atoms on L to any point at any XYZT and everything is eternally endless like XYZ in cosmos then there is no difference between atoms. Thus they are all the same. And thus they even can be ommited. And everybody lives their lives and then another’s and the question can be whether one can live his life once (e.g. time flows forward only within XYZ!!!, no information about L) or multiple times (As with XYZ, move where you want if you have flowing T). Thus maybe if you have T you can move in XYZ and if you have L you can move in XYZT. Thus we never die. It is just another position axis. Like when you put a brick to other place. And everything about different places in life. Perhaps the main thing in global life is difference and diversity and raznoobrazie, endlessly boiling in infinities. We all exist. And we wonder what is nonexistence. Maybe there can’t be such thing as nonexistance because nonexistance has to exist in that case. And even if we can try imagine nonexistance we will operate with such terms as infinity. And as we mention infinity once, we understand that it can bring as every answer we can imagine because infinity can give everyting including infinity. And infinity tells us something about existence and nonexistence. E.g. that in terms of infinity everything is possible thus there is both existance and nonexistance as well as infinite quantity of other states and one can add infinite quantity of additional axises to be in both existence and nonexistance many many times. About continous and discrete. One can become the other when applyed some operations infinite times (like with calculating sinuses by adding discrete stuff etc.) This somehow reminded me of mandelbrot picture/program I was doing. Thus all our poets and great scientist that leave so much good stuff to future generations and generations that use that knowledge are just the process the global process that flows on some arrowed single way axises like T and both way axises like XYZ and the kinds of axises and the kinds of everything is infinite and matreshki vlozhennsti are infinite and thus the meaning of all af this is just infinity. So everything will be ok, e.i. infinite 🙂 Peace to ya all. Theoretically you can be any molecule any stone etc of the universe and then to be stuck for awhile in a human body. Those thousands years you were in stone or molecules of stone or anything else you experienced life different and maybe a very little like when sleeping. So very very very big times passed unnoticed and then you can be attached or condenced or any other way (as we know that even discrete gets continous) formed yourself in more life-sensible way in human body. And get very thick experience of life. There can be forms of bodies that will give even more life-feeling and everybody will experience as we know that everything is infinite. Even all rules we live in (like time flows one way) are just our current position in some endless system of axises. So anything might not be the way it is in other place in infinity. Infinity a man can understand. Life is finite. Man is afraid about it. Maybe there is no such thing as life at all. There is only infinite process in infinity that can be broken to many finite things. Discrete forms continues and vice versa.

200911100110msk you are going to take qualitily greater completely higher levels on even different measurement level so that even no matter how you helped foolishly people you dont like they ll get aback

200911100125msk the fact that you helped some people tells that you are yourself much much cooler than people you helped so dont worry and rock this world

200911100808msk if you are kicked and laying on earth your first aim is to stand on your feet

200911100907msk anyway i have my freedom and my way oriented practical mind and i dont have to worry

200911101006msk hooray you are given chance not to do stoopid things anymore again

200911101031msk bring good to people easiest way get the most from this world the easiest way

200911101033msk think of all your past faults like of something that you are given and could not escape like parents which you could not change

200911101138msk no matter how you get hurt in this life from deep inside of you looks that genuine young boy and girls are tuned well to detect that so dont worry

200911101144msk enjoy dealing with your email and stuff dont feel like bothering with it and deals will go faster

200911101149msk make yourself believe that everything you do is genuine and you ll forget about worring about accounts garbage left etc

200911101218msk internet sure forces us to leave traces but it still does much much more good and a little of traces is not bad it could be worse

200911101229msk the strongest security is to make people love you thus if you like to succeed then just go to people levels superiorer than you

200911101256msk publish yourself fears will go away

200911102154msk using genuine software we feel closer to genuine people who made it very easy and pleasant way

200911109999msk You did no crime at all in this life and you are not going to — thus no matter how much traces you leave — be proud of your garbage — no way to hide really because if upload info you had on inet before you can be identified.

200911161516msk always prefer newer to older no reason to keep everything thats enough to make some souveneers only from time to time

200911161743msk in many situations where people blame smoking it is not smoking that they should blame they should look into themselves what problems they have

200911171626msk past is done dont do again things that already done even if you can do them now better do better new things

200911190349msk maybe to kill yourself in various ways is the meaning of life

200911221726msk every evil in our life happens when we start worrying about our bodies health and start seek treatment or go to doctors

200911221750msk i am afraid that it is our genetic code that says something not the way we look or act

200911221800msk it is mood on your face that can be transmitted to others that really matters not your looks or body

200911221809msk a man should never worry about his health or looks or body by nature focus on mind

200911221953msk to loose everything can be very productive for a winner personality development like me losing my early programs or me feeling that i have lost my health without return feeling that being with parents hurts and makes me crazy

200911222035msk when they say that what you do is already done or nobody needs here you better do what is needed to do etc do not believe them run off them if you want they just try to ruin you

200911222113msk in fear of bad score at university under cruel teachers people get very afraid to error everywhere even when it is pretty acceptable to error and they start to go mad and doubting themselves to death

200911222238msk bunch of mess inside and easy to recognize handle out of it is the nature of things

200911239999msk dont let them put your confidence in yourself down and get things just done let them all drool looking at you

200911241942msk Any ways we take, the truth at the end is only single one for all and everything.

200911270008msk software is software because it should not bother of such things as speed etc thats for physics nerds

200911270317msk to be free from preferences