Selected Thoughts vol. 5

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

200911270746msk the more i feel broken my health trying to breakthrough practically killing myself the more i love females and want to make them happy and healthy and wish they will not kill themselves like i do and the healthier i want them

200911271310msk in my early days any operating system was imagined by me as a bunch of programs of different creators nothing more so that there would be no difference between oses except different bunch of programs

200911291026msk first cure your mind only then you will be able to cure your body

200911291204msk the true quality of an american is to accept everything as it is and laugh

200911291233msk to use what already done and to know it is the key for a good programmer i was naturally understanding it when young and now i ve come through so much harm to understand it again periodically i understood too

200911300602msk to follow the most pragmatic practical way at the moment no preferences and fight illness around

200911301958msk the task is to find out what is liked by me not that i started to like because i loved somebody

200912050216msk there is no such things as math and social sciences every science in its supreme is of the same kind like history

200912050250msk dont let them stop to love them and you ll win over them this way is for me not necessary good for others

200912052135msk programmers have a problem they are gods they are creators and at the same time they have to obey some stupid supervisors and are just ants

200912060012msk your past was very rich all you have to do is to gather all your past together into a greater power no other has you have it all to rock the world because people are formed that age and that age you were great

200912061156msk if in some os there is no software i need and it needs to write code to make it work there then this os is garbage for me because first rule states never write already written code never do what is already done in life

200912061209msk since you feel unconfortable in this world you are minority thus just find people like you and they will help you

200912061251msk when you feel weak and sick dont worry remember a single man is infinitely weak and there is no wrong with that because he is surrounded by infinite strength of universe

200912061302msk no matter what you do or know what matters is what man you are who you are your personality

200912061342msk its more important to use creativity and products of everybody in the world than to use something in particular

200912070534msk by competing proprietary and open systems make trully genuine things protected and the rest free as it should be either of these alone will exploit somebody

200912072353msk some people just meant to die in some war so i am kinda happy to be alive and humanly life is full of you make a help to somebody you have human feelings to and then he flies high and closes his everything from you

200912082147msk i like to watch what is happening in this world i mean things that you people dont see and dont want to see

200912110805msk When going to study in university most of people were motivated that they will be able to work and get a job after they finish it. I could do all of this before any university and thus my motivations were different and weird and uncertain and foggy and fuzzy. So after getting out of university I have no motivation to work. Because I already could work with success before and I can’t figure out what it all was for.

200912111205msk they got me through this trash of school and university etc thats why i think of society very suspiciously and with dislike

200912111253msk remember your destiny is to gain profits even out of complete breakdown to turn everything to profits

200912111348msk some people die early some people keep themselves good and do great stuff thats all normal

200912111402msk i remember when child i felt strength and beauty of my body not having it in real life i think it was very useful feeling that triggered some good in me so lets maybe imagine me beautiful healthy and strong body from inside

200912111415msk what you trully need will never be written on internet for free many fools out there many smart people who are also fools out trere on internet

200912111549msk modern man thinks he knows everything and when he feels he doesnt know something it irritates him

200912112130msk when you do something for something you lose the point and will not succeed and girls dream of getting boys do things for something haha

200912112138msk if you like programming then program and make money the other most effective way if you dont like programming then do not program and make money the othe most effective way anyway

200912160729msk just use different best things each for something that it does best

200912160741msk secure life and power off programming can be my moto

200912160834msk there are infinitely many wrong ways and only one true way to take think of it again and dont get fooled dont hurt yourself

200912161036msk everything is like bunch of shit and a little peace of what i need

200912161100msk everything is not serious

200912161416msk programming nowdays is as real as real world thus only small peases of it can be genuine

200912170643msk not so important what tools you use but it is trully important with what enterprises you are friends which support art or sell themselves to hell

200912171133msk those who have money are put together with those who made their path without money and first group actually learns from second how to live

200912171232msk universities break optimal production rtythm of talented people and they are stuck back for a long time recovering after university to their effective rhyme of doing things thanks god a human can recover

200912171326msk programming is ugly and complex for true strong programmers to make money on it and to higher threshold for everybody to join them

200912171956msk clean and refresh your brain and go forward

200912181340msk your body and brain and soul operation will recover like after some influenza or cold

200912181341msk just create best software nothing else matters no matter what license etc

200912181357msk you just look how you lived your life and how you want it to be

200912181404msk no reason to invent football to play it and it would be boring to invent it

200912200246msk focus on what you need dont work to be successful or be better than somebody

200912200419msk if somebody is negative to you problem is in him study the situation

200912201914msk lets make it clear english language change our brain and priorities etc it makes us new different people

200912212223msk to create genuine things and to be famous succesful for that are loosely bound things

200912221650msk yes work hard almost till you die for developing yourself not to meet some government criteria

200912221853msk you lost your belief that you are special

200912221919msk thing will always be opensource if it is rejected to be used closed source it is customers should choose opensource

200912231802msk you were sick all these years but now you are done with it you are cured and free

200912241616msk maybe better live life on daily basis not giving a damn how you live it as whole

200912290112msk So what? I did many many things and among them those. And I did not even noticed that all. I am not guilty.

200912291256msk return that spirit when you were installing some windows programming etc software back in early times and wind was blowing

200912291330msk internet is like a big city thousands info pages you will see only once in your life no need to save no regrets many people feel stress like they are from little village in a big city

200912291346msk technolog was like regardless of your attempt you get nothing very harmless

200912291710msk if some feature is missing in free software then it is most likely to be of no use or else it would be already there or very soon there

200912291742msk ok lets face it you just took some a year or two break to hurt yourself a little and to understand that you only can go down or only can go up and to choose the second path.

200912301111msk we can do everything we can imagine

200912311249msk becoming better is a continous process not at one moment

200912311817msk just be ready for death be always ready for the worst make yourself ready for death

201001010457msk lets just have fun

201001010503msk and as you have probably to remember no matter what physical body you are put in be what you actually are inside and have fun every now moment

201001010630msk in absolute freedom everything depends on inner stability

201001010804msk dont worry if you talk too much you are the best and they are fools who listen to you they probably think that you are wrong or stupid

201001021958msk i have to find a woman that will look at me with understanding proud and interested eyes

201001022012msk even maybe little time that left for me to live the rest of my live i will live like this being true killer ready for death aiming at highest possible culture like this desktop not worrying about leaving some dirth behind me

201001022128msk i choose the way of always go up and become better

201001022324msk to rule your life to the right direction is a great thing

201001082037msk treat your every step as a step to something better than everything you ever have done before

201001102113msk you body is your one single big eye

201001111352msk you should write to a file all that you have done these back times and it will be a relieve for you

201001111414msk my best way of operation is to lay and think in a light way

201001111643msk to win over yourself over addictions is to win everything and the supreme victory more important than any other humiliation that other did to you and you survived

201001111705msk that your brain puts you in semi sleeping semi alive semi soul detached state or when you think it is slightly so it must be some protection mechanism so just let it go enjoying it and do not hurt yourself trying to change it organism is balanced itself.

201001111720msk resumes not necessary have to be formal for me i am not trying to get a waitress job

201001111949msk your way is to do things with virtually no effort and get all pleasure cherishing your organism all that happened to you when you were doing the opposite is due to love so that was ok

201001141942msk do not be in a haste and you will do much more

201001142019msk one thing is true i am determined now and have a path just need to adjust everything

201001142322msk to some things lets just relate paralelly and leave it for people who knows better

201001142327msk note yury that you feel guilty before less successful stupid people you have to break with them

201001142352msk know your scope of action and live there do not do everything everywhere

201001202354msk everything we do matters and leave traces regardless we do it privately or publish fill your head with right dreams and let it drive you through the walls

201001210023msk ability to love and live for beautiful others destinguish mankind from other who kills each other for themselves

201001210028msk dont forget a man is beautiful by scars the harder was his life and the more happy he is now makes him even much more attractive

201001210059msk maybe people tend to choose a most deviant spouse or most unique it is about popular beauty standards

201001999902msk By writing. Anything bad little things are all covered by great overall life.

201001999903msk By writing. The more complicate life the bigger field for errors and bigger field to fix them.

201001999904msk By writing. I just cannot do it wrong.

201003041857msk once again i am placing myself on the right way

201004200316msk Way. Accept everything you have done. Bypass negative things you have done. Focus on pisitive things you have got. Do the least to get the most.

201004202110msk people are given freedom for one simple purpose to make errors so that someone who gives them freedom can use them for their errors

201004202215msk just dont go where they want to put you down they will find the way just go where they want to do good for you and nothing you have done will matter

201004210413msk dont let anybody stop you from loving girls

201004210928msk do what you really need to do only do not follow your unconcious and other psychologically explained motivations

201004231702msk Given that prices always how much people can pay (auction) all gadgets tend to be close to price*quantity, thus, given that smart people is minority and can’t pay much money, the smartest things are forced to be cheap. Maybe. But theory has its path.

201009050739msk my life is in my hands

201009050757msk i understood trap

201009051113msk i am ready to die or be torn out of normal life at any moment for all i have done that btw is equivalent to outer reasons like falling bricks

201009051504msk do not lose but obtain if you want to stop doing something get strong substitution and go through acceptance of all bad you were or are doing