Selected Thoughts vol. 6

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

201009180240msk We are living in medieval age of information.

201010212031msk By writing. No matter how stupid I’ve been, since now I am smart. I will try to suppress any information collection about me and live free of exploitation and brainwashing. Best things are to be made and used and not things that can be sold to lots of people. Because masses are often wrong.

201010212212msk By writing. Everyone has to have public life and private.

201010220150msk By writing. To know the truth and at the same time to live long and free is the supreme happiness.

201010230503msk Fear is bad it worsen things. What can I do to stop it now? To put all my possible efforts in making myself ultimately strong by all means. Peaceful safe life constructed by society is a myth. That’s it.

201011030816msk 1. Do not do what you do not need to. Even if they say you need it. Do only what _you_ need. Do not touch what you do not need. Keep your mind clean. 2. Do not do work you do not need. Do not produce extra. Do not work for someone else. Do not waste your effort. 3. Be like they do in society, be yourself when you are private. 4. Be the strongest. OR RATHER 1. Do not do what you do not need. 2. Among fools act like a fool. 3. Be the strongest. (In terms of liveability added and erased by me here).

201011061627msk 1. Live today as if tomorrow is your death day. 2. You know less about yourself than others know about you. 3. Satan enjoys the most when good people become bad people.

201011121420msk i hope someday i will get wise till then i try to keep my health oh my God forgive me all i ve done being stupid if any i dont remember

201011121426msk the moment was that when you challenge something weak and protected you actually challenge protector

201011240051msk true hackers really do not need it all they hide and know true beauty enjoying their lives because the true satisfaction is freedom and not pride

201011240341msk countries will form by what people like

201012151155msk immediate bad things stop true relax experiment throw out everything you dont trust out of your life avoid everything you can be manipulated with

201012151221msk just simply relax because it is the best state when true answers come

201012232224msk maybe religions are peoples attempt to unite holy spirit and material things

201101101122msk I was not regretting anything during university times because I was being literally killed everyday and life seemed to be not worthy and I thought of myself as of a creep.

201101131118msk For a man a life norm is to do something significant and then no matter what, like death.

201101131215msk When law was read a man frees himself too much on everything not covered by law and that is worse when before law was read and a man behaved equally respectful to all.

201101131437msk Impossibility to eliminate current problems can trigger lack of self confidence and suspicious that the past was bad.

201101132327msk To earn money on information actually means to fool people with lies and make money out of it.

201101140022msk In our age of great automation world does not need a lot of men anymore.

201101141248msk When choosing between things ask yourself with what things you will be stronger and choose that.

201101151322msk The very virtue of a living being is to maintain peaceful happy life in very hard situations.

201101151511msk Many grown up people try to block each other all the time by giving false values telling wrong when right etc.

201101170239msk Yes, I am nothing in particular, I am clean mind, only a little stupid…

201101170313msk The main problem of women is that when men get older they get smarter.

201101171945msk They told me that I am the worst, that I am animal, etc. but I am scientist and researcher and I will continue no matter what and never surrender never give up never resign.

201101171950msk I gave it all up to be absolute scientist and researcher. 201101172016 Maybe because I understand that there is no sense for me to live as majority of people do.

201101171957msk Universities are often used to wash brains and program people who will constitute society regime so that it will be the same and if they undertand it and reject it they get kicked out of university and diploma demanding jobs and thrown out of life.

201101180438msk In this world every action is recorded and builds up our future.

201101181503msk If you are getting stronger then make sure other males do not know about it or better manage to do it so that other males do not understand that you are getting stronger.

201101181518msk For me information stays of main interest but I hate it because information is most deadly weapon.

201101181626msk Sooner or later everybody abide laws of nature.

201101190056msk Reputation is intentionally stimulated in people by people.

201101191435msk Logical people mess with women only when they can not live their logical life because of some reason.

201101191550msk 1 No women, let it go on without passion with ones you have now and maybe fade away finally 2 Be logical but not stupidly logical getting attached to things 3 Never do like it is supposed to do, do not be predictable 4 Do not be under influence of nature of your being, e.g. lose without traces in memory, do not seek respect, do not try to seem strong, do not earn too much as it will make you pay 5 Do not fight with evil, do not choose only the best solutions, do not struggle to be good or to do good because it will make you predictable.

201101191613msk Three categories: 1 Be strong and healthy 2 Be smart enough to keep what you have got and not waste it 3 Be unpredictable.

201101191626msk Three categories ultimate: 1 Advance 2 Keep 3 Surprise.

201101200100msk When an intellectual man sees how this world is trying to make fool of him he starts to undermine world’s morals because he sees that he is kept away from anything he can benefit from.

201101201637msk Something read by two or more people is not truth anymore.

201101230307msk General and the only rule about overcoming stupidity and will to change it from scratch or a rule to happiness in a world of mean people who use you: Just do your thing.

201101231806msk From what I look like and from how I act to them who I am in reality does not depend. This is what many people do not understand in me.

201101231842msk It is good to like girls but it seems this days girls are used heavily by governments and others to make men work to use men etc. and due to nature men are unable to resist it so it seems better to stay away a mile for smart men. By the way when a lot of people become smart does it mean that the only way to get money from them for governments is to start to beat them.

201101231938msk There is only one reason for society — one people taking advantage of another people for profits.

201101240154msk To adapt is very important and much easier than to change everything especially if changing everything is blocked by others.

201101241529msk All extremeties are bad. All don’ts or dos are bad. A gold middles, enchanting a littles are good.

201101242345msk The hacker approach is to touch the least getting the most no matter in what life situation you are.

201101250316msk There can be a theory that the higher organized the being is the less enjoyment it gets from its life.

201101251335msk In every possible situation just do everything with honour.

201101251632msk To be strong and to serve government is the best way.

201101251658msk While there are still hungry children in Africa everybody will have chance to say how I am good to give them something.

201101251728msk It is better to have a rest a lot and do one thing intensively even if it is mostly waiting than to do a number of things simultaneously.

201101252211msk Many people are tuned to think that machines are perfect and people are not, but in modern times the opposite is true: People have to be highly consistent and machines are so complex, unpredictable and overwhelming having command over peoples lives.

201101261333msk To be beautiful you have to be open and in contact with people. To advance it perhaps not always works to be among people.

201101271616msk I will live the rest of my life be it a little a tiny or whatever the way as I want. Maybe this is the meaning of life. And I need nothing at all to do that, not even me.

201101280804msk I was a fighter, I tried so much to do good, I have done all I could, so as a fighter I shall die. With honour. With the same honour I began this fight. With honour in my eyes. No matter if evil tricked me to do something.

201101290940msk 1 People benefit over you by sucking info about you. Therefore, do not let them get info on you. 2 People who has money influence on everything so that everybody works for making money that is then obtained by wealthy people through various economic mechanisms. Do not let yourself work for other people. 3 Do not demonstrate how good you are or what you have got 4 People who live like this meet a lot of trouble and often are tricked by others to do some bad things to be destroyed so live the way you want now and expect to be destroyed any moment, because it is ok for people like you.

201101310326msk You can apply force and you will fall because of that. Fly to the cosmos or outside your usual place to live and you will explode or experience a lot of adaptation difficulties. Demonstrate that you are powerful and there will be a lot of people who would like to destroy you.

201101312227msk The more men are trying to get women and the more women are protected the better it is for economy.

201102011741msk You will have to write a list of what to run from. include it ALL to the list.

201102011822msk Things complicate when you understand that many things that are forbidden are actually good for the masses.

201102060924msk Internet is function the way it is used only by fools these days. To blame yourself in everything instead of blaming situation is good but only when done right and to setup it right is not easy.

201102061029msk Everything is very simple: everybody is trying to get better than others, those who already got a lot makes rules for others to get the most from.

201102070126msk The whole question of life is to choose how you want to fade away, to burn out, dogorat.

201102071526msk The only responsible man for you, who can say a strong word, is you.

201102080151msk To be afraid of how bad it can be in life is sick. Do not do it.

201102081310msk Foolish but courageous — this describes some of my actions. (Glupovato no smelo)

201102081419msk To try something is the meaning of life.

201102081613msk It is possible that that man think that he knows what infinity is is wrong. Maybe he only thinks that he knows what infinity is.

201102081758msk It can be so that mental illness strikes exactly at the moment when maturing a man stops risking of young adulthood.

201102092011msk 1 Every your action is recorded 2 To survive you have to be not afraid to die 3 Do you want all your precautions to be recorded?

201102092309msk Does OCS have something to do with planning and failing of plans.

201102100029msk When it is not possible to stimulate animal natures in people they become weaker.

201102100440msk People do not give what they have got to others. Thus, it is highly important to be strong to be not on bottom as it is dangerous. Thus, to be bigger, stronger, faster is the meaning of life. And of course too try things is meaning too.

201102120343msk History of a man is a history of mistakes because every new day we get smarter in one way or another and finds so much faults in his past.

201102120413msk When one man wants in a group of cold women he can do it hence women do not get attracted to men a lot. When a woman wants in a group of cold men she can not do it. Hence evolutionary it is reasonable that men should get attracted to women more.

201102130523msk No matter what I will not surrender. For now it is enough to be sure that I will not surrender. I am already hero doing it.

201102130636msk Know just one thing: You are fighter for good against bad — and do not worry about yourself.

201102131929msk The highest honour is to be proud of staying entirely good no matter how evil tricks you.

201102140206msk To be good does not mean to do a lot for other homo sapiens or people. It is not the same.

201102150243msk I want to be great not because I want safety or to look good or something or follow foolishness that makes economy grow. I want to be great because I want to do good for people, to make them happier.

201102150414msk Many people with families are actually jealous at people who went through dangerous age bypassing family. My the only prayer that I still retain my purity from this shit.

201102151006msk Live for country for people of which you are ready to destroy your life.

201102160043msk While majority of people are busy about what is moral and what is not the rest uses that majority.

201102160348msk Life in stereotypes is safer.

201102160434msk Use simply what works for you and not necessary the best things by soone criteria, but create yourself what you like to see, what is best in your opinion.

201102180749msk In OCS reason can be mistrust to automatic moves.

201102181057msk the only professional way for me is to tell other people how they can avoid bad things i happened to have in my life help them build their success on my experience

201102222122msk The story is as follows: When somebody feels deficiency in him he starts to pay attention to cover it and pay more attention to everything that may affect him as well that makes him outrageous to others but actually prolongs his life over those who live free healthy lives and do not care. The key thing here is that there was some deficiency that triggered wrapper behaviour which is like “I have to be very nice here because I have risks there”.

201102241255msk You do not have to sing very loud if you can sing not so loud.

201102241319msk Best things are always free. They are not advertised.

201102241323msk Never make friends with those who you do not plan to be friends in future.

201102241432msk Nowadays computer is a tool to hide a pile of randomly thrown junk stuff around.

201102251726msk You do not want to be governed by majority, believe me. Thanks God it is not so these days.

201102281501msk i can say to successfull people with big cars etc you are poets you like to show off and live good i like to watch you

201103011639msk the truth is living beings live forever just like children feel and the problem is they never rest in peace

201103020618msk For many many times in my life I felt happines like they tried to destroy me but I an still alive.

201103021210msk I just put all sins of this world on my shoulders. You can see it in my eyes.

201103021928msk its not bad when they call you fool it is bad when they do not let you be better

201103032010msk i like reading swimming walking my dog oh i am just kidding you know those silly profiles

201103040038msk there are a lot of ads here telling what is right and not on a date i think it is silly because first you have to be true yourself and second when everybody knows how it is not know how anymore