Selected Thoughts vol. 7

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

201103042310msk Earlier or later everybody knows truth and go the same way. To not be public is not a long term strategy. World is in constant cycle where they know why you are strong and overturn it so that you fall.

201103061340msk The best thing women can do is to tell men that other men annoy them.

201103061934msk The rest of my life, even a few moments, I will be simply pure.

201103071412msk Ask yourself a simple question. If they steal from us why should we not fight them? Or, should we fight by their rules?

201103080022msk When Americans want to kill you they say Let us help you go coffin, Sir.

201103091700msk Americans try to impress children of this world because people grow up fixed on what they learned being a child. Thought I laying in bed sleeping from time to time until now.

201103100442msk Why instead of helping me they tried to destroy me in Technology University. Why my friends are actually not my friends and only suck information out of me giving nothing back. Why Americans block me on sites where I want to find new friends.

201103122130msk The meaning of life is to struggle to get better and be the best and no matter when your life will abruptly be destroyed it will be your personal best.

201103130229msk Only do the least of what is necessary. Do not touch the rest.

201103170222msk 1 People should be honestly informed 2 People should be protected 3 If people become bad it is a fault of protection and another chance has always to be given.

201103170329msk I have registered on an international dating site. I liked the site very much. That is why I have decided to register. I have provided all the real information about me: name, place of residence, body type etc. I have uploaded a photo of myself. I have started with several short essays to describe myself. I have answered a lot (about 60) of questions of very personal nature! I have looked into only a few profiles of other people and sent a word or two to them. I have been very honest. I expected the same in return. But… suddenly the site blocked me from loggin in. When I try to login I get … but being a software engineer myself I can say it is a lie. They just won’t let me in. After all trust I put in them? They still have all my highly personal information with them that even I cannot access anymore! That is a pure STEALING. I contacted their support. No reply. I emailed …, the president of the company. No reply. If there is something wrong with me then why they don’t just reply and explain it to me — I will try my best and work on any issue. It seems that their actions towards me are based upon my nationality and I believe that is a real crime. (And I believe the roots of their behaviour can originate from my nationality.) I was there to entertain people, to make them smile, to make somebody a little happier.

201103171952msk In life everything happens only once and no matter how good it was.

201103180116msk Countries with laws against accessing some kind of information make people hide. Also, it fulfills people with fear similar way as a mandatory religion does.

201103180524msk When I am programming I feel like I am a parasite.

201103180540msk Law must protect from harm but must not make people work harder or affect them so that they make more money.

201103200031msk the art of life is art of reacting to the unplanned

201103202001msk If assume that everything is eternal and unlimited then everything happens with everybody earlier or later anyway. If governments will put their hands in sexual life they risk to recieve fist in their face earlier or later. It seems governments of English speaking countries care about tits more than anybody else.

201103221000msk Love healthy women, be strong and brutal in good sense and go forward.

201103222216msk There are places where everything allowed and smart people live and there are places where nothing allowed and stupid people live.

201103251018msk Children must know truth or they will be fooled all they life and think it is normal.

201103271130msk Never correct what is already done.

201103281021msk I feel like cities take my life from me.

201103282210msk For me science is pleasure and for you it is a job. That is a difference between us.

201103290704msk Nobody talks of sex and stuff and that makes everybody fool on the topic.

201103291401msk You either avoid everything that you know may hurt you or you risk to progress to all bad things.

201103300306msk Not only me can live in my brain, not only my soul can watch movie my brain and this world renders for me.

201104041436msk It is like we are good because in this country it is forbidden to say we are bad. About restrictions in the Internet.

201104081317msk I have many scars. These are just more scars.

201104101449msk Now recognized scientific society is a club. True scientists do not need membership and all unhonesty that it involves.

201104120502msk Do not bother with stupid ugly women. They are harmful and degrading for smart advanced men.

201104131442msk One: never fear, fear only makes you do worse now. Two: feel like you have just got out of war alive. Three: enjoy today to give a fight tomorrow.

201104142238msk Paths may vary. No need to focus on that. Result is good.

201104152201msk (Never) Highly avoid doing something from the start all over again because there is no such thing, it will not be the first time anyway and nothing is possible to hide. Just continue from where you are.

201104201819msk Most of people do not understand that everything is unlimited. E.g. even lives are lived unlimited times with slight differences. And nothing to fear.

201104201837msk Maybe the way people understand infinity is wrong itself.

201104201948msk the freedom to do it right now

201104232323msk Several days ago I arranged this: Everything is eternal, thus After death there will be life anyway (even if you will be dead for a very long period it will not be felt, and since you are alive now then this condition happens) and thus Same life can be lived unlimited times with no to unlimited differences, thus No need to struggle to make this life great because it is nothing compared to eternity yet to live and thus No need to worry if you have a very bad life because who knows what your next life will be and in what form and according to eternity you are to feel eternal scope of feelings in random consequence in unlimited time distance from now, so no need to be afraid of something because you are meant to feel it anyway and there is no way to escape, all pain and happines is yours, no matter how far you are now from bad or good, thus The only purpose of life is to relax where relaxation means not only sitting in front of TV as relaxation can be active.

201104261058msk Remember: using free speech tools does not make you a criminal, using free speech tools makes you a hero.

201104261127msk I have to support free speech or, otherwise, I feel criminal in front of myself that is the worst feeling and more dangerous.

201104291733msk I still do not understand why people limit themselves in information, somebody explain it to me, I will just be silent and will try to go away from the topic until I understand something.

201105030116msk Each day you should find something after which you will not regret if you die next day.

201105031358msk If something does not work then just drop it. That’s a general rule.

201105091917msk How to determine if you are happy: if at the moment you accept to be killed and you do not even regret it because you feel good then you are happy at the moment.

201105092129msk The key thing I have just found and yet have to find to larger extent: When you do everything right and, despite that, somebody makes your life worse or makes it look and feel as if you were not doing right thing you should never go against that somebody or to correct the situation because true purpose of that somebody is to make you act the way you would never do otherwise and you will get manipulated.

201105150517msk 1. People are intentionally being made dumb. 2. People are being encouraged to be stuck and never change. 3. People are being inclined to like things they never need so that they spend money and need to work more.

201105152245msk Use F people — learn how to identify bullshit and do not be afraid of truth.

201105161805msk Democracy as we get it now is about fear and shame.

201105171731msk State is an organization aimed at getting money from citizens. Every entrepreneur should be a brick aimed at the same purpose.

201105191944msk It is government that tricks people to be stupid and do bad things.

201105200031msk It is worth to mention that for simple people who gets regularly brainwashed it is much harder to get more sex and they say like they are very moral and pure and always ready to play against great people who obviously gets more great girls etc while in fact they are just losers who excuses themselves by claiming that they have got no success because they are more “saint” than great successful people.

201105200446msk Men seem to be more afraid to talk than women these days. It is so good to see a woman who talks truth.

201105201533msk I want to be the right man.

201105201543msk When you know that what you want is right and where you are going is good then traces do not bother you. Just do not let people trail you from the right way.

201105201816msk I will not waste my time with people I do not want to be with.

201105201834msk When people grow up it becomes easier to manipulate them because they feel they are very limited and they feel brainwashed and sick.

201105202312msk It is worth to keep money in bank only if it gives real profits.

201105220439msk It all depends on how you obey your boss and not how much you are talented. In case you do not obey your boss and do what you or common sense or honesty needs, your boss can diminish your talents in eyes of others. You should always choose path where you will not need to fix something or be afraid of your past or traces.

201105220518msk The popular video sharing service site will never show what is objectively the best of all times, it intentionally hides it so that you have better chance to encounter some profitable shit.

201105230013msk I have done all things I did not want to do and was forced to do, now let me go so I just lay there alone and die in freedom.

201105231022msk Government wanting to make it possible to know every bit of you.

201105260254msk And remember there is no need to hide something here because it is already obvious there. We know less about ourselves than other people about us.

201105270939msk Do not be afraid that something was not good with you, only what you want to be and where you want to be maters.

201105271044msk It does not matter how bad is your genetics. It does not matter how far you were tricked to do something bad that you do not like. It is what you want that matters. And you can die any time.

201105271059msk If I have done harm to anybody then people do harm to each other and I will get harmed myself from people, it is just not big probability that I ever did harm, and if I did then it is just like chances were for me.

201105271222utc maybe purpose of life is to leave clear and accessible information for everybody to read after your death

201105281650msk I am not perfect but I try.

201105290226msk I know many things and I can think good and thus I should not sleep. I shall work so hard that it will be of no fear to me if my life gets destroyed.

201105291923msk It is possible for powerful people to give freedom to simple people when significant part of them gets significantly dumber than it is needed to be smart at the given time.

201105301201msk College education is so much less than what is needed for success, it is even waste of time.

201105301206msk The main task of universities as of other brainwashers is to make you want something they want you to want and what you would never want otherwise.

201105301326msk A human can be more dead than he thinks, people get killed and more dead with less senses every second and do not even notice it.

201105301738msk Money that has to be returned and are given only for the purpose of making money — is that poison that sooner or later leads to something bad?

201105301750msk Life is a sequence of pieces torn from a living being and the most prominently marked in memory are not necessary the most crucial ones but rather just a sand grains. But they can open eyes on real ones.

201105301806msk It is very important to work as a robot no matter what. Every bad thing I have got in my life including those exploiting weaknesses was there to make me real strong and fighting against these bad things the right way. Maybe at some moment it showed my weakness but that all makes me even stronger now than if it would not press on weaknesses even though in that case I would feel stronger in fact I would be weaker than I am now because my strength would be imaginary because I would have not met real difficulties yet. So I should feel really proud of myself and strong. I doubt I need to worry about all those difficulties recorded in information era.

201105301832msk I have obtained experience not that it is itself bad, I knew it before, I have obtained experience out of process that projected to many areas of my life, and still paid no money for that unlike many.

201105302134msk Before summer kernel: They will not make a bad man of me. I was and am smart and they will not make me fear my own smartness and I will use my mind.

201105302139msk To fight against evil can be a predictable act and hence evil can be simulated intentionally tricking good man to fall.

201105302326msk Life is a sequence of things that you can save but cannot reproduce or make the same way again.

201105311223msk Going to Technolog I went to people who wished bad things to me. Never go to people who wish bad things to you.

201106030504msk Statistical data can be used to strike down those who awakens from beneath stupid masses to associate those who awakens with dirt etc.

201106050311utc To get out of situation you first have to acknowledge and understand that you are in that situation and describe the situation to yourself as it trully is without fear and shame that block the truth to yourself.

201106050450utc I have to think of a prayer: No matter how many errors I have been tought to do, I do not do them anymore; Let me know more faster than stupidifying system makes me do errors that will destroy me; Never be led by allure to make errors again.

201106050624utc Do we need to have something we are ready to give up everything for in order to have peace of mind.

201106050744utc Try to make people know about yourself not more than they already know.

201106050754utc Spend your free time to research your own self better.

201106050818utc Do not worry — you are now significantly dumbier than you will be, anyway, you will be significantly smarter.

201106050834utc My main source of sickness can be: I open my true data to people and expect to be treated with honour for it but in reality, instead, I get my data stolen and I get fooled and blocked and tricked. And that makes me very sick.

201106051319utc Maybe life is something, the only something, that has power not to depend on randomness and success depends on how you can escape random processes in your life. And maybe gambling is taken from children so that they do not understand truth of life until they do real errors and it becomes too late for them.

201106060813utc The more you do something of questionable nature the worse, and even if at the end you get what you want, it will not feel good.

201106060931utc You have to fight original bad thought, to identify it and understand where you were originally wrong, or make things clear. It can be a very little thought.

201106071336utc Government is forced to do as many people happy as possible because they will work less otherwise.

201106072107utc Pride is just another stick to help people use like faith etc.

201106080647utc I control my life but obey chances.

201106101536utc it is important to have wings and for that to detach from past to forget and let it go away

201106101816utc when we feel bad we can do any kind of bad things we should learn to understand and forgive ourselves

201106101823utc i always have been and i am now very caring kind person but i have met so much violence recent years including violence against truth on internet that it made me behave strange for some time

201106101834utc i was stable and free because i was not caring about myself i was living like ok today i get a heart stroke ok ok i will die but complete some work ok etc

201106101912utc There is so little of real me left in world.

201106110833utc Time you need to make an error is tremendously smaller than time to fix it.

201106111001utc Everything is made cycling and beautiful is better than ugly just do not get fooled. Do they teach people to write so that they waste their genius out. Is it better to never write useful thought and information at all.