Selected Thoughts vol. 8

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

201106111109utc I get injured for my honesty so often recent times that I even have no time to strike back to stop them or to do at least something about particular case and they become left unfixed.

201106111115utc Internet pseudoanonymity is designed not too real and not too unreal for governments to control how their people become more stupid and regulate it.

201106111130utc Real ways to get good things including good jobs are always hidden.

201106111133utc Notice that in newspapers people seeking job write a word or two and leave a phone number only not necessary registered on their name and on websites you enter all the info and get nothing.

201106111238utc Maybe instead of closing my accounts use them so that they themselves would want to remove my from their servers.

201106111241utc No matter what you do in internet those web server owners win and you lose.

201106111244utc It only makes sense to share something in internet if you belong to minority group of smart people who are the only people who will be able to use what you share and you need support from that group of people.

201106111250utc You’ve got most stupid things about you leaked to the internet do not worry about that many people have got that too and you will not leak future important things that are much more practical and usable in life.

201106111258utc Servers will try to keep more information about you than you locally do. You have to try to keep more information about yourself than servers do. Cars are intentionally made to resemble living beings to play on instincts.

201106111309utc For statistically right people everything is made already, they only enjoy being dumb. It is odd and hated people who struggle to get smarter because they need it.

201106111313utc At the same time physically beautiful does not mean stupid because first it is already not average and second physically beautiful people can have many mental and other oddities.

201106111316utc And even more in fact beautiful people are smarter than what masses supposed to think of them and that is for many reasons.

201106111329utc I often happen to sit in a dim room without sun light and fix some mess people tricked me into.

201106111541utc About what I did on the scene I trade what is not of high price for me. Maybe everything is alive and living beings are just a weird combination of matter transformation.

201106111757utc By playing stupid games in childhood people get drawn away from real problems and real direction when they are grown up.

201106111836utc I am not the one who steals your information and suck information from you, I am the one who does art programs hardware etc.

201106111924utc Do not forget that women live in the world created by men for them sometimes pink world etc of course not all women.

201106122036utc I do not think or rather bother I do.

201106122130utc People masses are forced to hide their bodies etc so there will be something to play with to press to. Are animals shame free.

201106122131utc There is never a magic howto.

201106161827msk Done packing and removing stuff but a little of trash is still there but it is out of easy reach and is a normal current state.

201106162301msk Distance in every sense is the only matter.

201106170009msk So everything is made the way that freely thinking people do not fork anymore. Maybe it worths to make a lot children against it.

201106171124msk Government can do everything but it intentionally talks putting aback things to majority still leaving holes for smartest minority.

201106172034utc I am more stupid than you think I am.

201106181844utc To make it clear I did not want to make friends or share something with somebody when before university. I just wanted to go forward without friends or sharing. I did not need it all. I just was told I had to go through it.

201106182142utc I think now that I was such a fool all this time. I should be completely open and do only good things, be the best. I should not do dangerous or objectionable things no matter big or small. Be silent or say what will make you the best.

201106182224utc Say something or be silent, keep everything recorded.

201106182239utc Even with technically anonymous network it is impossible to stay anonymous and one simple mistake leads to massive discovering of many anonymous and information can be hard to remove.

201106182256utc There is always someone smarter who can trick me so it is much safer to keep things open and recorded.

201106190651utc This is punishment for I have been stupid. I have been stupid for many reasons. I am smarter now.

201106190946utc Our success depends on how we can reprogram our brains after its childhood formatting is over.

201106190950utc Only distance with every meaning of this word can provide safety.

201106190955utc What happened in Germany in twentieth century was like cold shower and Germany still knows where real things can go.

201106191004utc When I was growing potatoes and thinking I was more a scientist than when I was attending university.

201106191009utc In universities people work who try to destroy you and your strength and they try to destroy everybody who posesses strength.

201106191059utc Fact that it happened in Germany does not say it could not happen anywhere else after some time it may say that Germany was advanced and first in the question.

201106191126utc University was a candy from a stranger.

201106191136utc It can be so that in the US everything is tuned so that people try to break rules and provoked to break rules but then get caught and rules are enforced on them in much fiercer form intentionally it is like a trap.

201106191221utc Since I have already gone through such a dangerous times I should consider to get very powerful at psycology etc very powerful and useful.

201106191231utc I get it now. Many people when I was in early uiversity and in other periods hated me because I was innocent i.e. had not make any errors in life that would hold me from freedom and they did.

201106191359utc There is only a sticky without interruption flow of process I do there is no me or worry about me figure out what you have lost and buy it again or get it!!!

201106200953utc When too much information leaked the only way can be to dramatically change direction, once again.

201106200956utc To choose what kind of change should be taken exclude all changes you already leaked.

201106201104utc Even if information leaked it can be used by enemy but you can save yourself by maintaining distance and staying far away in any sense from those who got information.

201106201106utc Police can be used as weapon against good people too.

201106201107utc So distance still maintains a key role.

201106201128utc Nobody needs gold anymore. Information is much more important.

201106201230utc Governments like in the US do not care you are with them or not with them because they know that they are good and many people would like to take your place if you leave.

201106201247utc I believe government I will work for will shield me.

201106201305utc Information is by definition something unexpectable and software is so reusable and same and should be such.

201106201400utc On the height I operate and live on it is very simple to be discovered as a fool so I am not even afraid not a bit to accept that I was a fool many times on really stupid low levels were most people get fooled.

201106201402utc Many people think that they are not fools because they do not do foolish on low levels but one step beyond those low levels a little higher and those people would see that they are complete fools.

201106201434utc Be smart and self criticizing.

201106201745utc Inappropriate stuff is not welcome because many people still believe that what they see beautiful people do e.g. on TV or movies is right and shall be copied especially in some societies.

201106201817utc Be warrior look warrior silver warrior people will value you.

201106211005utc Probably it is better to live in a country where stupid people treated well because it is impossible to rely on smartness because there will always be someone smarter who will trick you.

201106211521utc I shall not work for averaging people I shall work for profit of powerful people for my safety because powerful people will make minds of majority support me too.

201106211837utc Women and children are much more easier to make money on so they are targeted first on TV and then men are trained to be under womens will from mens childhood everything begins from uncertain steps so do not worry and do not try to do perfect from the start.

201106221143utc Maybe all bad comes from people’s wrong assumption that they are by default entitled to have or to be something. No, there is nothing that is guaranteed by nature, everything is a gift that can be taken away any moment and no guarantees at all.

201106221221utc When a good man arises with a good ideas he is proud of himself and he is so sure that he is secure because he is good and has only good on his mind, and that moment he becomes a target for a powerful system that tricks his head poisoning him so that he would do things he would never do to destroy him, he starts questioning himself, a lot of doubts arise.

201106221403utc I guess imperative style of programming is most universal because you always do functional and other programming styles anyway but you are not locked to them.

201106221409utc Sometimes people who seem very strong and right have made themselves such having very obvious and not obvious frustrating themselves weaknesses poorly hidden.

201106221438utc To be ready for unexpectedness from others use most universal things.

201106221443utc There probably will always be an enemy, especially when it seems there is no at all.

201106221506utc It seems everything boils down to two things: Be unexpectable and be ready to handle unexpectedness from others. That is very similar to produce information and consume it.

201106221546utc Many things are designed in society so that even if you get smarter later it will be too late.

201106230822utc Maybe anonymity in Internet would allow to post even more misleading information so maybe it is right that there is no anonymity in Internet.

201106230857utc Is Internet open to prevent from power of majority.

201106230918utc It is important to feed major part of population with stupidifying information because if everybody will be smart it will be wild jungles. The only question what kind of stupidification to use. It seems that truth is precious and there is no sense in telling it to everyone.

201106230941utc We live when who knows more has power over who knows less and is fed on that and it is better than when everybody knows the same and who is stronger has power over who is weaker.

201106231005utc Instead of teaching only one theory in heads of all people the more false theories people teach themselves the better while the best one is known by small quantity of people.

201106231039utc People are made by government so to be succesful approach should be taken to learn how government works and why it does what it does and not to learn from position of entrepreneur below government trying to trick government in favour for people.

201106231158utc There are signs everywhere in this world only smartest will notice on how to get real knowledge and power over people who can not understand those signs even if you force them to see those signs.

201106231202utc Major part of people will vote as needed by powerful people anyway.

201106231224utc If you know of existence of some system that already means you are not part of it anymore and you have to look for a system you are part of now.

201106231227utc If you do not want to be simple stupid payer who likes to do something he likes to do then you will have to rely on your strength only anyway even in any system even in modern.

201106231243utc Smartness of a nation is not measured by smartness of major part of people. It is measured by smartest people in history.

201106231301utc Executive branch of power can not dictate what content TV shows but it can will or will not start investigation on TV director past and hence it is good for executive branch if TV director have hidden sins.

201106231755utc You can make a man assume he is in a false status go false way to get to false goal.

201106231759utc If a man knows his true status true path to get true goal is it possible to make money on him.

201106232130utc When I was younger there were times when I thought I would accept if something would be the end of my life so now I am alive because some star leads and saves me. I felt so serious back then and went false goals now I try true and feel stupid.

201106241210utc It is not enough to be good if you are good and stupid you will not do good.

201106241323utc When a man does some sins he needs power to keep in fear people who can uncover those sins any other reason for power.

201106241326utc Any other reason for power is for example making money by manipulation of minds and behaviour.

201106241408utc Titles like what her daddy doesn’t know are there to make people avoid things in contents while in reality daddy might be glad and maybe should be glad it is media mind programming.

201106241410utc When you make some move and it does not get you where you want it puts doupt in you and puts will to do it again which makes you predictable.

201106241425utc While on PC you can control how you communicate on the phones you cannot.

201106241509utc A man is fooled by false goals he makes errors on the ugly ways to get those false goals he understands that those are false goals but too late executive branch has power by starting investigation or not.

201106241511utc By starting investigation or not and the only way of life for him now is to support executive branch and help it to fool new men so they will become like him later.

201106241532utc If you do not make some peoples life worse do not interfere with them they will be with you on one side when you get in trouble even if they have power against you.

201106241555utc Maybe one of my greatest damages was based on I always did something very hard to do very deep on computers and I went to parents trying to explain and they did not understand how hard it was.

201106241556utc Not understand how hard it was and I felt frustrated and how much I have lost by it if only someone who could understand and wished me good watched what I was doing.

201106241628utc I have been never trying for myself and my recent fears were because I have lost idol to live for.

201106241639utc I can seem to you only simple coder but that is because I was telling you more on that topic because it is cheaper and I stopped to talk to you when it got more serious.

201106241739utc Usually in ancient times it were older wise men who were saved first and now donations are typically made on children just a notice have nothing against or for.

201106251140utc Children considered not affected by rules so everything that children do not do can lead to trouble and that forces adults behave like they are children.

201106251251utc More people in the city are intentionally put together to produce friction and to play on their instincts on will to separate. Regimes in countries are just different ways to serve those who wants someone to serve them.

201106251311utc There is no need to demonstrate how special and good you are it with high probability will be just used against you to destroy you because that is what people want if you are better than they are.

201106251313utc If you have something to protect pay more taxes and it will be protected.