Selected Thoughts vol. 9

© 2018 Yury Grebenkin

201106251316utc That is why in science work often gets stolen and true geniuses destroyed because in science it is hard to make money to pay taxes for those who thinks and really do science.

201106251317utc Thinks and really do science and not those who report.

201106251319utc In this world everything as it was ages before no matter what protections are invented there are more ways to break them invented immediately so people suffer as always.

201106251521utc If power of government is weak then more carrying stones from one side to another and back activity can happen due to people with smaller power using it not optimal for others way.

201106252048utc Dating sites are designed to stop smart people like you.

201106262045utc Beware when you do not like somebody. People are fed on hatred. There is no way against nature.

201106262150utc In people everything is linked. There is always a way to determine one characteristic by another.

201106262242utc What kind of philosophy we had to learn in institutions? Water, stones, wood etc? To make impression that there is nothing useful in philosophy?

201106262322utc Since everything is still as thousands years ago and only technology change elder wise people get much more respect and protection in fact and no matter what is said for public.

201106270348utc There is a delta between what a product really gives to customer and what is claimed in an ad. That delta is money for producer. In case of free services like in Internet that delta exists too. But since no money paid that delta is harm or negative effects on customer.

201106270814utc People will try to get your brain busy with anything they can so that you will not be able to concentrate on what is real and important and use it for yourself.

201106270922utc When a smart is tricked to do something bad and gets caught his intelligence is intentionally colored with negative colors for public so that stupid people will feel good that they are stupid. That is because a stupid and law obeying citizen is the best citizen.

201106271032utc Those who were born from parents of lower society layers and who try to jump to higher society layers will be met with fierce resistance from many layers and due to their lack of knowledge of hidden real world, programmed by simple mined parents brain they will face tremendous danger of going mad, being tricked and destroyed with stupid society layers as a tool.

201106271100utc When someone says some truth on some network to his friends this becomes known to someone who was hiding the truth and he invents a workaround over situation where more and more people know that hidden truth. Network knows faster than your friends read. Network is always one step ahead. And so do people who own networks, they are a way ahead over masses.

201106271109utc When I was posting ads on international dating sites and talked just a few words to US and some other countries girls I was banned silently and for nothing. That was unfair.

201106271158utc It is very good that I am still alive. Because with problems I had in my life it is really good that I am still alive and nothing else matters.

201106271232utc When a man understands that government teaches him something that makes him stupid he starts to follow government only selectively and fear appears because a man is unsure whether his actions are safe for him, information he leaves etc because he does not blindly follow government anymore.

201106271246utc In university I got so very a little information in relation to whole volume of information in existence but lost so much time in relation to lifetime.

201106271441utc Scientists know much more than people are told that they know. Because no one tells what he knows in real world. Instead of that imaginary world is full of misleading information.

201106272034utc Square screen is the only screen that let eyes measure true proportions of objects in the video.

201106281034utc It all takes roots in they give you something or not.

201106281051utc People trying to get rid of each other in society produce economy for governments.

201106281515utc The only that matters is sharpness of world perception.

201106281527utc When you have done something genius all your enemies of the same profession will try to convince you that what you have done is insignificant and stupid.

201106281538utc Sharp perception is key for relaxation.

201106281615utc Anyway, in the end only strength matters. If you get destroyed it simply means you were weak at something. You can get stronger and a different person over time and everybody knows that. Btw maybe it is a good practise to post very a little on Internet and objective truth.

201106290559utc All forces for the good.

201106291556utc Do not go in places where in order to succeed you will have to do bad things. My universities I have been through fall here.

201106291756utc TV is a brainwasher for dumb people, universities are a brainwasher for proposed smart people.

201106292309utc The true art is to win after your opponent knows everything you know, one can know a combination but only with great training comes its power, to be told powerful information without great path to it can be poisonous, people are hardly changed even if told powerful information, the stronger your opponents are the better, letting your opponent know something you make them feel stronger diminishing yourself and that is beneficial. It is true art to win when every your true and not lie data bit gets in hands of opponent. Only perpetual enrichment matters and to let something know to opponent only stimulates perpetual enrichment.

201106301100utc Those who held as enemies can be true friends in reality.

201106301220utc Remember self diminishing and how it brought some breakthroughs to me nobody knew it and everybody advertised me as self overrated who wants everything instead.

201106302047utc Remember do not expect something from life at all.

201107010848utc If I have good intentions on my mind why should I be afraid.

201107011547msk I believe only in one thing that Good will win. People are intentionally grown up in an environment where contest and “I” is above everything but to give is true man’s nature.

201107012349utc At any given moment you should get knowledge as much so that you will gladly accept your full terminal destroyal without a drop of fear or regret.

201107020009utc It was very exciting when great power and freedom of Internet was received, it was very disappointing and depressing when enslaving with absolutely no freedom diversant spying true nature of Internet was discovered.

201107020118utc Many will always compete for power over a few and a few will always have power over many. Think about religion.

201107021125utc I should just accept and expect any way my life can turn to and prepare myself and be ready and use to the most time that I have the smartest way in the right direction. Note that it is better than simply do not expect anything.

201107021216utc It is interesting what popped me out of people who live their lives knowing nothing and just bouncing as directed thinking that they live as they live because they are normal but in fact being stupid and just used.

201107021231utc It does not depend on us what happens with us in life because on every our strength or characteristic life can provide tremendous harm. People should try to help everyone of them no matter what. It is just a question of something given or not. But hey it is all a gift.

201107021357utc Government needs people who suck money from people.

201107022203utc Recently I believed in the world as it was presented to me and it was my mistake I usually did not believe as I did recent years and I will not believe anymore I will try to get out and not believe anymore.

201107031336utc I do what I need every step and hate those who make me do and like what I do not need.

201107031341utc Less actions of which everything depends in future more regular safety actions that will support each other and no matter if one of the actions fail they must regular cover each other.

201107031452utc If you see that something makes you want something or makes you want to do something then run from it.

201107031454utc People who do not care about nothing are not dangerous much more dangerous are people who care or have direction of movement that can be predicted broken etc and the people can react very strong.

201107031459utc It is like drink play games do what ever you or we make you want but do not get smarter.

201107031512utc Tools must do exactly what they are for and not more, e.g. cell phones are horrible good example, old VCRs do what expected.

201107031544utc Do not expect something from people no routine movements from them nothing else.

201107031622utc The main purpose and task of a computer is to do what it is told to do and nothing is better than text input output for that purpose probably.

201107031627utc Life is war and you have to be a useful warrior.

201107031723utc Beautiful people are tools in hands of media to enforce monkey see monkey do.

201107032256utc I know I wrote a lot of stupid I will maybe regret I know it will open a lot of my personality but I am not afraid to be stupid and I am sure it will be fun for you to read.

201107032341utc Current situation in information in this world will lead to many people entirely having no their self opinion and to many people who do not trust a thing at all.

201107041347utc Education is designed to make slaves of children that is why so many interesting no-nos in schools.

201107041626utc Anything can be your friend or enemy rain suggested me.

201107052229utc You are like children I do not learn what you learn because I do what I do and you do what you do and there is no point in contest in the same knowledge area or something like that.

201107052230utc And why should I care what you do.

201107061210utc You see in me what you want to see in me.

201107062332msk Instead of getting some addictions it is better to look on part and produce better for you future from it.

201107062334msk There is no such thing as computer will do it right anyway and correct my errors, there is no safety in computers, it is all depends on your strength.

201107070117msk The only thing that matters is strength anyway.

201107070155msk Strength of all forms is the only thing that matters in this world and those people who are bred by powerful people and are lame, not caring about a thing except maybe instincts, always waiting for aid from government etc are just losers with brains washed.

201107070343msk People are divided into two groups of sheep and shepherds. Shepherds cannot freely leave information about themselves because it will make them sheep.

201107070415msk Sheep can do anything it wants, it can talk about anything in its head anywhere but this type of people is not free anyway. Shepherds can not do many things and they are free.

201107072212msk Make even your enemies work for you.

201107072346msk Never get out of control or raise voice or something like that. Obey what you have been given.

201107080118msk Only prevent.

201107081302msk If something bothers you just say to yourself I am stronger than all this.

201107081911utc That people are relatively advanced but are still animals are understood by highest society level people of which there is significantly fewer than of others exist and by lowest instinct ruled people. Middle levels are kept in belief and they do believe very strong that human is something not animal and animal rules does not apply and they get fooled with that all the time. Out of this it is possible given media targets biggest parts of people that techniques showed in dark colors on TV are widely used in higher levels of society.

201107082108utc Everything is so simple in this world and all complexities are made by smarter people to make stupid people jump around and work.

201107082124utc There are no things that are guaranteed for everybody. Strong will go. Weak will fall. It is always like this no matter what. Things that are guaranteed are a lie to manipulate society.

201107121932utc To go the right way no matter what the result will be.

201107122222msk 1 To accept everything done 2 To accept that information is everything. Probably it is impossible to hide something in this world and it is better to live thinking each step in the right direction.

201107122305msk It does not matter how strong you are, it does matter what information and how much is known about you. Women are more disoriented in life and therefore maybe should not choose with whom to produce children. If you see that you made steps in the wrong direction and it can interfere with right direction then go the right direction no matter what, do not make decisions because you had some wrong steps.

201107131001utc Freedom in the US is in that if you want to live among freaks then you can, if you do not want then you will be protected from them.

201107131007utc I was running from sick people and told so much of what I know to a sick one as part of my running. I have learnt that if some people are less fools than others it does not mean they are not sick.

201107131023utc Only path or way matters. No matter where it gets you. Do the right path or way.

201107131726utc 1 To follow the right way no matter where it will take you and how your past is made 2 Information gets leaked all the time because there is always an n plus one situation where it is hard to hold info 3 Try to talk not more than your talk partner already knows so that he will occasionally talk something new for you what you do not know 4 People even knowing info cannot use it without other things available and they get it twisted anyway.

201107141024utc Do not make promises you do not need to yourself. Relax no matter what and do what you need to do.

201107150818utc I think there are research going on topics intentionally held as absurd or impossible in masses.

201107151243utc What should I teach students: to be hishnikami ili zhertvami (to be predators or prey)?

201107151412utc Remember there will be nothing in the future.

201107151642utc Your close people like parents, relatives, sisters, brothers, friends etc are your main danger. It is safer to live if you have purpose you are going to on your mind, like some great moment you do not need anything else if you get to the moment. Sometimes perhaps it is good to imagine something good about yourself, brain is perfectly designed for that without any alcohol or something.

201107161721utc Maybe to develop theory of short and long thoughts.

201107181445msk Maybe lets build philosophy from standpoint that people hate each other. And proceed to the view that the only way of life is when someone protects you because you make money or other goods for that someone.

201107181454msk Note that there is much more articles on the Internet on what makes people prosecuted in another words what to find in people if you want to prosecute them than articles on health help on same topics. It seems everything is designed to find a weakness in you and make you a slave and not to help you. In information society were introduced some poisonous things to the crowd playing with whose it is possible to gain power over people, and no need for other force if you control information flows.

201107181828msk Because it is helpful to be open but harmful to be open to opponents it seems that to be open to governments that will be always above you and will not be you opponent is a good idea.

201107181829utc There can be more than one deficiences that launch OCS processes.

201107181858msk Maybe OCD is caused by inability to be sure whether some memory was generated by storing operation from real facts or left in brain by read attempt of whether something happened or not leaving marks on checked facts as if they possibly really happened.

201107182041utc It is probably helpful if you have some addiction to shift your brain to natural desire e.g. having alcohol addiction to start withholding from food so that you start desiring food and joy of getting water and food will supersede joy of getting alcohol.

201107182107utc People who think that human is an animal are much more calm realistic and peaceful.

201107182201msk Everything begins from uncertain steps so do not worry and do not try to do perfect from the start.

201107182202msk The main thing is that you understand it all now.

201107190807msk Throw out your computer, research and mind, go get a life, be interested in cars instead of computers, pay for fuel, spend money on girls, go get a life.

201107211043msk Love to children that a woman can give you is added to love to a woman.

201107221323msk Is it ability to predict actions of others that turned history of people to use each other instead of concurrent.

201107271243msk In the US it is slightly stupid as in movies, but it is only on the outside, on the inside it is very serious.

201107281529msk There is no more harmful thing on brain than to try to make yourself judge as good what is bad, to try to find truth where there is no truth at all. In addition to harm it gets brain very tired.